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Fleet Readiness & logistics Office (OPNAV N4).

The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV N4) staff shapes, anticipates, innovates, and leads Navy logistics to enable and sustain Fleet and Shore readiness, now and in the future. The staff issues policy, conducts program assessments, and serves as a Resource and Assessment Sponsor to plan, program, and resource the readiness requirements of the Navy Operating Forces and their Shore Installations.


OPNAV N4 enables responsive, adaptive, and effective logistics support to maximize and sustain readiness and enable the integration of Naval forces into the Joint force. OPNAV N4 is committed to creating and maximizing alignment between our Joint partners, the Secretariat, OPNAV staff, our Fleet Customers, the Warfare and Provider Enterprises, and our stakeholders.

Faced with an increasingly uncertain world and regional conflict, the demand for Fleer Readiness is expected to increase, but will be challenged by a constrained resource environment.

N4 will work tirelessly to ensure the optimal allocation of scarce resources across all readiness and logistics programs, promote responsible programming and stewardship of our environment, develop and implement policies governing logistics that are supported by best practices, and guide rhe Navy in developing and executing a peacetime, long-term energy strategy. N4 is responsible for a $31 billion annual budget, which includes 25% of the Navy's Total Obligation Authority and 71% of the Navy's OMN.



* Excel in Our Role as Resource/Assessment Sponsor to Ensure Afloat and Shore Readiness--N4 ensures our role as the Fleet Readiness and Logistics Resource Sponsor for the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES). N4 works closely with US Fleet Forces (USFF) to ensure the optimal balance of Operational Availability and cost to support the Fleet Response Plan. Additionally, N4 develops and executes the CNO Shore Invesrment Straregy in close coordinarion wirh Commander Navy Insrallarions Command and the Fleet Readiness and Provider Enterprises. Additionally, N4 provides leadership in helping our Navy address future fiscal challenges while sustaining readiness and enhancing future core warfighting capabilities.

* Develop and Shape Logistics Policy and Processes to Enhance Readiness and Logistic Capabilities--N4 has the responsibility for Navy logistics policy that ultimately drives the Navy's support processes. N4 ensures that its policies accurately reflect and strengthen the emerging alignment of the Warfare and Provider Enterprises.

* Environmental Stewardship--Environmental stewardship is a key national and Department of the Navy priority. N4 leads the Navy's integration of regulations into practice while sustaining current and future operational/training Requirements. N4 also furthers public awareness of the Navy's leadership and stewardship in this area.

* Energy Leadership--In the face of global energy challenges, N4 will guide the Navy in achieving objectives that value energy as a strategic resource, use energy to an operational advantage, mitigate the impact of energy volatility, and reduce the Navy's overall carbon footprint.

* Nuclear Surety--N4 plays an enhanced role in ensuring the safe and secure operation of Navy nuclear assets. Nuclear safety enforcement enables optimum operational performance and ultimately readiness.

The Strategic Mobility and Combat Logistics Division of the Chief of Naval Operations Staff (OPNAV N42) provides policy, planning guidance, and program support on matters relating to joint and Navy operational logistics, combat logistics force, strategic mobility, sealift, and maritime affairs. N42 conducts strategic mobility and combat logistics analysis and assessments; coordinates operational logistics and sealift research and development; and recommends appropriate courses of action to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Fleet Readiness and Logistics) and other organizations where applicable. N42 provides direct staff support to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development, and Acquisition) on combat logistics and sealift, as required.


N42 has a unique job within OPNAV. As a platform sponsor, N42 is responsible for planning and setting policy for our Navy's strategic sealift and combat logistics forces for the next 30 to 50 years. N42 provides Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for all sealift and mobility issues within the Navy and numerous other stakeholders.

A major focus of N42 is participating in a wide spectrum of studies and assessments that provide the Navy with requirements data for current and future acquisition programs based on wartime and peacetime needs balanced against equitable fiscal risks. N42 also manages a robust and ongoing R&D program, interfacing with the Office of Naval Research, NAV-SEA, and commercial industry on a host of innovative ideas focused on strategic sealift equipment and logistics ship design improvements. N42 is responsible for a $2.9 billion annual budget that provides the operating funds used to operate nearly 200 ships of MSC and the Ready Reserve Force. N42 also supports major programs such as the Maritime Prepositioning Squadrons that are designed to provide the USMC with forward prepositioned equipment necessary to meet contingencies globally on short notice.

Vince Walls (SES)

Director, Logistics Planning and Innovation (N40)

RADM Kathleen Dussault

Director, Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Operations (N41)

Jonathan Kaskin (SES)

Director, Strategic Mobility/Combat Logistics Division (N42)

RADM Phil Cullom

Director, Fleet Readiness (N43)

RDMLTom Moore

Deputy Director, Fleet Readiness (N43B)

RDML Herman Shelanski

Director, Environmental Readiness (N45)

John Quinn (SES)

Deputy Director, Environmental Readiness (N45B)

RADM Christopher Mossey

Director, Shore Readiness (N46)

obility/Combat Logistics Division (N42)

CAPT Scott Sundt

Deputy Director

T 703-602-7143

CAPT Eugene Howard

Logistics Planning & Reserve Affairs

T 703-602-1745

CAPT David Brumfield

Combat Logistics Force Programs

T 703-602-1760

CAPT Sean Geaney

Analysis and Assessments Branch

T 703-602-7135

CDR MickKondracki

Sealift Programs & Policy Branch

T 703-602-7128

CDR John Carey

Merchant Marine & Maritime Affairs

T 703-602-1768

Mr. Joseph Stanley

NDSF Manager

T 703-602-7308

Mr. Pat Tamburrino, Jr. (SES)

Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics (N4B)


VADM Mike Loose,

Civil Engineer Corps, USN

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness & Logistics (N4)



Mr. Jonathan Kaskin (SES)

Director, Strategic M
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