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Flea killers and swivel covers.


Nothing kills presentations faster than buildup of grunge on your lines and lures. Good news is, there are ways to fight back and keep your tackle clean. For example, Cortland Line Company's Flea Flicker line is a big help in lakes where spiny water fleas (Bythotrephes cederstroemi) are a problem. The light-green monofilament is flat in cross-section and coated with a special high-slip additive, and does a pretty good job of keeping gelatinous masses at bay.

Combine it with a little savvy from West Coast salmon fishermen, and you've got the best shot toward keeping your gear gunk-free. In the estuaries of the Northwest, salmon seekers have long struggled to keep their gear free of various marine weeds such as eelgrass--a long, ribbon-like grass--and sea lettuce, a filmy seaweed that bears a strong resemblance to tough, wet, green toilet paper. Both clump on lures, sinkers, and swivels, requiring constant cleaning.

A lot of skull sweat has been given to the problem, and solutions are as common as fishermen. The best so far is a combination of swivel and swivel cover that keeps the green stuff from sticking.

A bead-chain swivel is great for keeping gear from twisting, even better than a ball bearing. Combine that with a "swivel-cover" or "swivel-cozy" like the new Dee's Weed Guards from Dee's Diamond Flashers (sold in packs of four with a bead that fits inside the guard to keep your line from wearing) and you'll find that little grass or lettuce sticks; rather, vegetation slides off the pointed end of the cover and doesn't hang on the line.

The swivel cover bears a strong resemblance to a sharp-pointed ballpoint pen cap with a small hole drilled in the tip. The mainline is threaded through the hole, a swivel is tied on, and the rest of the terminal setup is tied to the other end of the swivel. It's a killer in the brine, and along with the Flea Flicker line, it produces nearly gunk-free gear in sweet-water walleye systems as well.

* Keith Jackson is a frequent Walleye In-Sider contributor from Port Townsend, Washington.
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Date:May 1, 2009
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