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Flawa begins U.S. relaunch of Swisspers.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--In a major effort to improve its position with consumers and the trade, Flawa Corp. has repackaged and reintroduced Swisspers cotton rounds, emphasizing their advantanges over conventional cotton balls for applying and removing makeup.

Flawa, a three-year-old subsidiary of a $40 million Swiss company, has also stepped up its merchandising, advertising and promotional efforts for Swisspers, which are manufactured here.

According to national sales and marketing manager Garland Green, the potential exists for unit sales of cotton rounds to increase 16-fold in the United States.

In Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France, which together have a population of about 177 million, 83 million units of 80-count cotton rounds are sold annually.

On the other hand, in the U.S., which has a population of roughly 249 million, consumers buy only 7 million units of cotton rounds annually, owing to lack of experience with the products as an alternative to cotton balls.

Uses different approach

Green notes that, while Europeans tend to base their product marketing solely on technology, the U.S. requires a different approach. Accordingly, Flawa has redesigned Swisspers' packaging to communicate the patented product's benefits more effectively to Americans. The triple-layer, lightly textured Swisspers are so much more absorbant than cotton balls, says Green, that one Swisspers cotton round can do the job of five cotton balls.

As a result, although the rounds are more expensive on the initial purchase ($1.99 for an 80-count pack, versus $1 for 80 cotton balls), they're less expensive to use. At the same time, to meet that lower price point, Flawa is also offering 50-count polybags for 99 cents, as well as trial-size, five-count packs.

To support the relaunch, Flawa offers on-pack, mail-in rebates that return the full price of the $3.99, 100-count, twin-packs to customers. In addition, the 80-count, twin-packs carry a $1 coupon that can be redeemed at the checkstand.

For retailers, Flawa has launched six-piece and 24-piece shelf organizers that are designed to be positioned next to cotton balls or to such complementary products as cleansers, toners, astringents and lotions. Swisspers are currently available at CVS, Rite Aid Corp., Longs Drug Stores, Drug Emporium, and a number of supermarket chains.

Flawa is also planning an ad campaign. In the second half Swisspers ads will appear in Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Mademoiselle. TV advertising is also scheduled for the second half.

In addition, Flawa is running free-standing inserts in May and October, and Swisspers will be part of the "Samplex Teen Pac" program during the back-to-school selling season. Green notes that several major drug chains participate in this program, which offers teens "his and hers" packs containing $16 worth of products for only $5.99.

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Title Annotation:Flawa Corp.
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Jun 29, 1992
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