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Flatbed sun effects tester.

The Suntest XXL is the largest Suntest flat-array instrument and is said to deliver the most stable and reliable irradiance distribution among static xenon, flat array weathering instruments. Said to be developed by experts in solar spectrum simulation, the Suntest XXL/XXL+ uses special xenon lamps specifically designed for weathering testing. These advanced, long-arc xenon lamps are the best available method of simulating natural sunlight and deliver the most uniform, consistent irradiance in flat-array weathering instruments today, according to the manufacturer. The Suntest XXL is said to offer such benefits as superior xenon lamps; superior exposure uniformity; reliable, valid testing results; unmatched capacity to handle large objects or numerous test panels; easy access to the testing chamber; simple programming with touch-screen interface; built-in memory chip interface, allowing users to upload test programs; and a competitive price. The large exposure area allows users to test more samples at the same time.

Atlas Material Testing Technology

Circle 72 on card

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Sep 22, 2004
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