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Flash back: They said WHAT?

"I REALLY want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now that would be interesting."

Actor Ewan McGregor (pictured), Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, who was born on March 31,1971

"WITHOUT any doubt at all, they launched a ferocious and sustained attack on the police."

Deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police David Meynell, after an anti-poll tax rally in London erupted into riots on March 31,1990

"WE are having no more. We are not animals, we are human beings."

One rioting inmate shouts down from the roof of Strangeways during a demonstration by 1,000 prisoners on April 1,1990

"I THINK George W Bush has a warm, engaging personality. But, you know, the presidency is more than just a popularity contest."

US politician Al Gore, Bill Clinton's vice-president, who was born on March 31,1948

"THIS particular machine was extra special, because it was used by the German SS and was made to a higher standard than the ones which were used in the field. We can only hope we get it back."

Christine Large, director of the Bletchley Park Trust, following the theft of a WWII Enigma encoding machine from Bletchley Park Museum I on April 1,2000

"THE demonstrators are misguided and naive."

Defence minister Michael Heseltine isn't impressed by a human chain of anti-nuclear protestors snaking across Berkshire on April 1,1983
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 31, 2007
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