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Flash back: Building Sights; Edge Hill station (opened 1836).

Byline: Peter Grant

WE'VE all passed through Edge Hill on the way to Lime Street.

There have been two stations of that name. The first was located a short distance to the south west of the present station and its remains can still be seen.

The largest bore, in the centre, was the Wapping tunnel, along incline leading to Wapping Dock. When first opened, it was white-washed, lit by gas, and used as apromenade by visitors.

The tunnel to the north of it was much shorter and inclined upwards, leading to the passenger terminal at Crown Street Station. Here the trains descended toEdge Hill station and were wound up into Crown Street.

The left-hand or south tunnel was originally a short length leading nowhere, used as a storage shed.

This was intended to create a symmetrical appearance. It was later extended on a curving incline so that it could pass over the Wapping tunnel and join the Crown Street tunnel.

At the opposite end of the station are a boilers and steam engines were found. The smoke was channelled down rock-cut flues to tall chimneys on either side of the tunnel facing. And these were termed the Pillars of Hercules.

The decision to divert passenger traffic by means of a new branch to Lime Street station resulted in the construction of a new station.

Both Crown Street and the old station were then used for goods purposes.

Crown Street also was used as a coal yard.

The new station was opened in 1836.


NEW LINE: Edge Hill station, which opened in 1836
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 20, 2007
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