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Physicochemical and Vibration Analysis of Christmas Tree Four-Way Flange Failure under Fracturing Process. Zhaoming, Zhou; Dawen, Gong; Kelong, Yang; Zhong, Zeng; Zhou, Xiao Jul 31, 2020 4970
Prediction of Shear Lag Effect in Thin-Walled Single-Box Multicell Box Girder Based on the Modified Warping Displacement Function. Li, Xiayuan; Wan, Shui; Shen, Kongjian; Zhou, Peng; Wang, Xiao May 31, 2020 9535
Pema flange fitting station simplifies wind tower production. May 1, 2020 353
Customised flange seals. May 1, 2020 228
Pema flange fitting station simplifies wind tower production. Apr 27, 2020 350
Wynnchurch Capital Invests in Western Forge and Flange. Apr 15, 2020 193
Wynnchurch Capital Invests in Western Forge and Flange. Apr 15, 2020 166
Research on Bending Rigidity at Flange Connections of UHV Composite Electrical Equipment. Wang, Haibo; Cheng, Yongfeng; Lu, Zhicheng; Zhu, Zhubing; Zhang, Shujun Mar 31, 2020 5781
Analytical Solution for Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Concrete-Filled Tubular Flange Girders with Torsional Bracing. Liu, Yingchun; Hang, Zhaoming; Zhang, Wenfu; Chen, Keshan; Ji, Jing Mar 1, 2020 6012
Loss Coefficients for Internal Reinforcements Installed in a Phenolic Duct System. Paruchuri, Avinash; Idem, Stephen Jan 1, 2020 3393
Static Behavior of a Modified Through-Core Connection between CFST Column and Composite Beam. Zhou, Qi-Shi; Fu, Hua-Wei; Zhou, Xu-Hong; Yu, Yu-Jie; Wang, Qian-Ren Dec 31, 2019 7103
Investigation on Wheel-Rail Contact and Damage Behavior in a Flange Bearing Frog with Explicit Finite Element Method. Gao, Yuan; Wang, Ping; Liu, Yibin; Xu, Jingmang; Dong, Zhiguo; Wang, Kai Dec 31, 2019 9122
Effect of Strengthening of Steel Beams with Variable Length by Using Carbon Fiber. Al-Ridha, Ahmed S.D.; Atshan, Ali F.; Mahmoud, Kamal Sh.; Hameed, Qusai Kh. Sep 30, 2019 4807
A New Identification Method for Bolt Looseness in Wind Turbine Towers. Xianlong, He; Tianli, She Jul 31, 2019 5169
Damage Deformation of Flexure-Yielding Steel-Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams: Experimental and Numerical Investigation. Li, Yinghui; Jiang, Huanjun; Yang, T.Y. Jun 30, 2019 7930
Replace a toilet flange. Jan 23, 2019 514
Choke-flange feed-horn antenna assembly. Aug 1, 2018 159
Theoretical 3D Model for Quasistatic Critical Derailment Coefficient of Railway Vehicles and a Simplified Formula. Wang, Ping; Wang, Jian; Ma, Xiaochuan; Ma, Daolin; Xu, Jingmang; Qian, Yao Jan 1, 2018 5912
Experimental Analysis of Pretensioned CLT-Glulam T-Section Beams. Estevez-Cimadevila, J.; Suarez-Riestra, F.; Otero-Chans, D.; Martin-Gutierrez, E. Jan 1, 2018 8080
Experimental and Computational Modal Analyses for Launch Vehicle Models considering Liquid Propellant and Flange Joints. Sim, Chang-Hoon; Kim, Geun-Sang; Kim, Dong-Goen; Kim, In-Gul; Park, Soon-Hong; Park, Jae-Sang Report Jan 1, 2018 4038
Flexural Strength Prediction of Welded Flange Plate Connections Based on Slenderness Ratios of Beam Elements Using ANN. Hedayat, Amir A.; Jazebi, Ehsan; AsadAbadi, Saman; Iranpour, Amin Jan 1, 2018 11597
Behavior of RBS Beams Reinforced by Stiffeners Subjected to Cyclic Loading. Kanao, Iori; He, Tianrui; Yu, Zheng; Morisako, Kiyotaka Jan 1, 2018 2940
Study on the Failure of the Bolted Flange Connection Structure between Stages of Missiles (Rockets) under Transverse Impact Load. (Research Article). Tian, Tonghui; Yuan, Jiehong; Li, Daokui; Wang, Qingwen; Chen, Baisheng Report Jan 1, 2018 6916
Extruder flanges. May 1, 2017 143
I-beam girders dimensioning with numerical modelling of local stresses in wheel-supporting flanges. Gaska, D.; Haniszewski, T.; Margielewicz, J. Report May 1, 2017 3474
Ductile Fracture from Spot Weld and Flange Edge in Advanced High Strength Steels. Sato, Kentaro; Futatsuka, Takayuki; Hiramoto, Jiro; Nagasaka, Kei; Akita, Akira; Kashiyama, Takeshi Apr 1, 2017 3927
PLASTIC CAPACITY OF BOLTED RHS FLANGE-PLATE JOINTS UNDER AXIAL TENSION. Mudrov, Andrej; Sauciuvenas, Gintas; Sapalas, Antanas; Talvik, Ivar Report Sep 1, 2016 4502
U.S. producers of carbon steel flanges file trade petitions against India, Spain and Italy. Aug 1, 2016 201
Flange for auto interior fan modules made of new thermally conductive nylon. May 1, 2016 233
Torque measuring flange. Feb 1, 2016 147
On the House: with the Carey Brothers Tips of the Month. Oct 1, 2015 406
Solutions for pipe & flange. Sep 1, 2015 15836
Agis Offers Expanded Line of High Temperature Pipe and Pipe Flange Gaskets. Feb 25, 2015 399
Supply of (a) 3,542 tons rock sulfur, (b) conveyor belt to handle sugar beat, (c) st. st. pipes, elbows & flanges, (d) (industrial) pumps to handle several acids, (e) 100 tons urea formaldehyde & (f) steel rods for the presses arrows. Deadlines 11/13, 11/. Nov 3, 2014 158
Design, manufacturing & supply of 700 mm. diameter non-return valves, also of butterfly valves with 200, 500, 1,000 & 1,500 mm. diameter flanges operated with a gearbox for delivery to the company's warehouses. Oct 7, 2014 139
Flange reaction torque sensor. Oct 1, 2014 145
Bulb-Tee sunset: KIE-CON ushers California wide-flange girder into mainstream specs. Marsh, Don Oct 1, 2014 740
Supply of (a) different type valves (ball & non return valves among others) made of carbon steel, (b) stainless steel & carbon steel pipes, also (c) stainless steel flanges for the repair of pipelines between the different production units. Deadlines 10/1. Sep 23, 2014 150
What is a fishbone gasket? Zhao, Justin Sep 1, 2014 1214
Composite deck in two-dimensional modelling of railway truss bridge/Kompozitinis paklotas modeliuojant santvarini gelezinkelio tilta dvimateje erdveje/Dzelzcela tilta kopnes kompozitas klatnes divdimensiju modelesana/Raudtee fermsilla komposiitdeki kahemootmeline modelleerimine. Siekierski, Wojciech Report Jun 1, 2014 5035
Flange floating ball valve aids with emissions compliance. Apr 1, 2014 411
Supply of (a) steam valve made of steel with flanges (64 bar), also of valve made of cast iron lined with rubber to operate in acidic media, also (b) an optical pyrometer for thermal measurements. Mar 30, 2014 146
Supply of (a) two chemicals injection pumps, (b) spare parts for gearboxes and strength transformers, (c) steel dies for the presses arrows, (d) rods and strips made of special steel, (e) sheets & flanges made of st. st., (f) cast iron valves with flange. Feb 23, 2014 174
Supply of accessories & fittings for stainless steel seamless & iron pipes, flanges, elbows and valves. Jul 20, 2013 121
Completion of (a) steel basements & walls to act as wind stoppers at Dekheila Port, (b) a portable Chevron branded belt as per specs, (c) manufacturing & supply of a body for a reactor complete with lines & flanges, also (d) maintenance, calibration & rep. Jun 23, 2013 199
Supply of (a) foundry cast iron of high silicon & low phosphorus content, (b) ferrous raw materials, also (c) seamless iron pipes, elbows and flanges required for the automatic fire fighting system. Deadlines 5/7, 5/9 & 5/23/2013. Apr 21, 2013 143
Supply of (a) flanges, forged connections & BW, (b) steel sheets, angles and channels, also (c) steam traps. Deadlines 5/16, 5/13 & 5/20/2013. Apr 14, 2013 131
Avoid busted knuckles and component damage! Apr 1, 2013 535
Import of (a) a complete furnace (with economizer, super heater & evaporator), (b) cast iron rising stem flange gate valves, (c) a gear box for the turbine gases compressor. Deadlines 4/22, 4/24 & 4/26/2013. Apr 1, 2013 144
Supply of steam valves, pipes, steam straps & flanges. Feb 23, 2013 110
Connector and flange. Feb 1, 2013 169
Supply of (a) steel pipes, fittings and related accessories, (b) copper bars, sheets and nuts, (c) copper discs, (d) MV & LV cables, also (e) steel sheets, pipes and flanges. Deadlines 2/17, 2/10, 2/12, 2/18 & 2/19/2013. Jan 20, 2013 154
Design and analytical evaluation of a new self-centering connection with bolted T-stub devices. Aliabadi, Mahbobeh Mirzaie; Bahaari, Mohammad Reza; Torabian, Shahabeddin Jan 1, 2013 7161
Supply & erection of (a) 6.6 kV medium voltage switchboard, also (b) supply of valves, flanges, elbows, bolts, nuts, washers and similar parts. Dec 17, 2012 121
Practical approximate analysis of beams and flanges. Book review Dec 1, 2012 165
Supply of (a) stainless steel & aluminum pipes, also valves, flanges and bolts, (b) steel sheets, (c) paraffin oil & (d) paraffin wax. Deadlines 12/17, 12/17, 12/18 & 12/18/2012. Nov 29, 2012 134
Supply of nine double cabin pickups & (b) valves, flanges, elbows and reducers. Nov 26, 2012 117
Flange Immersion Heaters Used For Higher Power Applications. Nov 7, 2012 154
Supply of (a) a butterfly valves, non return valves & diaphragm valves, (b) flanges and connections, (c) discs and diving materials, (d) valves and steel alloy connections, (e) other different type valves. Deadlines 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7 & 11/8/2012. Sep 30, 2012 145
Supply of (a) a refining & drying machine for the electric insulation oils, (b) 3,254 meters of 4 inch diameter carbon steel pipes, (c) a foam generating instrument with discharge, (d) copper cables, (e) valves, flanges, elbows and slopes, also (f) manual. Sep 28, 2012 162
Supply of (a) 27 water meters of the dry type & of 200 mm. diameter duly equipped to be remote read, (b) manufacturing & supply of steel boards with flanges of 800 mm. diameter required for 800 mm. diameter non return valves for Al Obour potable water tre. Sep 19, 2012 178
Supply of valves, filters, flanges, T shaped fittings and elbows, also two air compressors. Sep 17, 2012 112
Supply of seamless pipes and fittings including elbows, flanges and slopes for the 4th Evaporation Division at Komombo Factories. Sep 8, 2012 118
Supply of (a) cone shaped and machined steel wheels, (b) galvanized steel, (c) cast products made of GS 52 raw materials, (d) stainless steel pipes, elbows and flanges, also (e) crankshafts rods and couplings. Deadlines 8/27, 8/27, 8/29, 9/1 & 9/3//2012. Aug 12, 2012 145
Digital torque flange system. Jul 1, 2012 118
Connectors include snap-in flanges. Jul 1, 2012 142
Supply of (a) different diameter black steel pipes, flanges and elbows, also (b) black iron fittings in different diameter. Jun 12, 2012 136
Supply of steel valves, elbows, also flanges. Jun 1, 2012 102
Supply of (a) pipes, plates and flanges, also (b) special type foam. May 15, 2012 118
Supply of pipes fittings (elbows, slopes and flanges) for the fourth fermentation line at Komombo Factories. Apr 12, 2012 118
Supply of reinforced hoses with flanges and clips. Mar 26, 2012 104
Torque measuring flange system. Mar 1, 2012 132
Why some flange isolation kits fail. Keldsen, Jay Mar 1, 2012 744
Dismantling, supply and erection of 36 sloped steel columns and 36 steel elbows with flanges, part of the filters' washing lines at the old Imbaba potable water treatment plant. Feb 13, 2012 130
Supply of carbon steel seamless pipes, sliding flanges and elbows. Jan 31, 2012 105
Supply of different size and type mechanical equipment including different diameter stainless steel pipes, collars, elbows, flanges and slopes. Jan 30, 2012 118
Float-Free Level Control Assembly Features Bolt-On Mounting Flange. Jan 8, 2012 113
Supply of steel sheets and flanges among other fittings. Jan 3, 2012 110
Supply of (a) pipes, flanges and elbows, also (b) steel sheets and angles. Dec 29, 2011 122
Supply of (a) an instrument to detect underground petroleum pipelines, (b) an electric generator, (c) different type fittings including valves, flanges, elbows, seals, filters and slopes, (d) two instruments to measure density, (e) flanges, joints, washer. Dec 13, 2011 176
Supply of (a) filters with flanges, also (b) a residuals exhaustion truck. Dec 13, 2011 113
Supply of (a) covers for manholes and inspection rooms, also (b) flanges, seals, valves and special fittings. Nov 26, 2011 134
Supply of pipes, valves, elbows, also flanges made of steel and stainless steel among other equipment for two 85 M3 fermentation instruments. Nov 17, 2011 126
Supply of (a) stainless steel flanges made of steel No. 304, (b) different type pumps, (c) a stainless steel valve No. 316 L complete with flanges, (d) gear type coupling, also (e) rubber belt to be fixed underneath the magnetic clamp. Deadlines 11/27, 11. Nov 6, 2011 153
Supply of different equipment for the industrial waste water recycling project including (a) 1,580 meters of 3 to 8 inch diameter stainless steel pipes made of steel No. 304, (b) 39 valves of similar diameter and raw material, (c) 270 flanges of similar. Nov 6, 2011 195
Flange connectors - defined: flange connectors provide quick connections to sanitary diaphragms, allowing fast and reliable calibration. Anderson, Kim Nov 1, 2011 1185
Request of local & international offers to supply (a) an electrostatic power coating line, (b) a blanking line for circular blanks (double disc blanking for steel sheets), (c) nine submerged arc welding machines to fix the vertical flange with the upper c. Oct 11, 2011 173
Manufacturing & supply of 12 flanges required for the condensers of Unit 13 for (lube) oils. Sep 18, 2011 109
Supply of (a) 200 heat exchangers' tubes & (b) steel pipes, sheets & flanges. Jul 17, 2011 121
Supply of (a) black iron fittings, (b) different diameter ball type valves, (c) different diameter seamless steel pipes, (d) different diameter ductile cast iron valves, (e) bolts, nuts & connections, (f) stationary & movable steel flanges, also (g) galva. Jun 7, 2011 161
Portable machine tools tackle pipeline repairs in Alaska. Becker, Andy Jun 1, 2011 713
Bending performance of composite wood I-joist/oriented strand board panel assemblies. Davids, William G.; Rancourt, Derek G.; Dagher, Habib J. Abstract Mar 1, 2011 8207
Supply of (a) stainless steel rods & plates, (b) cast steel, (c) stainless steel pipes, elbows & flanges, (d) flat perforated rubber belts & (e) a vertical steel mill. Deadlines 3/5, 3/7, 3/7, 3/9 & 3/22/2011. Feb 21, 2011 143
Supply of spare parts for compact water filtration plants including valves, pipes, pressure measuring instruments, ball, butterfly & non return valves, flanges, slopes & screw bolts under funding from KfW - German Bank for Reconstruction. Jan 17, 2011 158
Shaft Collars Feature Perfectly Square Integral Flange. Dec 14, 2010 152
Supply of 10,000 steel flanges for the 52 Kg/ meter rails. Dec 5, 2010 122
Supply of (a) instruments to measure solidity, rays & metal thickness, (b) lightning stoppers & (c) pipes, elbows & flanges. Deadlines 12/19, 12/21 & 12/23/2010. Nov 24, 2010 131
Supply of six manually operated butter fly valves with flanges required for Minshiyet Nasser Booster Pump serving El Rooda Potable Water Treatment Plant. Nov 8, 2010 128
Plastic deformations of steel frame: statics and dynamics/Plieninio remo plastines deformacijos: statika ir dinamika. Kargaudas, Vytautas; Adamukaitis, Nerijus Report Sep 1, 2010 1844
Effect of strain rate on flexural properties of wood plastic composite sheet pile. Tamrakar, Sandeep; Lopez-Anido, Roberto A. Aug 1, 2010 5302
Supply of different size stainless steel pipes, valves & flanges. Jul 22, 2010 104
Supply of (a) solid cement bricks for the waste water treatment plant in Sadat City, (b) 1,400 mm. diameter steel flanges for the metallic forms, (c) 160 to 630 mm. diameter UPVC plastic pipes for a sanitary drainage project in Beni Mazar, in Menia & (d). Jul 17, 2010 186
Supply of different diameter steel flanges for the Steel Forms Dept. Jul 3, 2010 117
Supply of (a) iron water pipes, seamless steel elbows, iron flanges & cast iron fittings, also (b) 3 & 5 tons capacity cranes, also grass cutting machines. Jun 28, 2010 153
Modified flange complete denture for labially inclined premaxilla. Keni, Nandita N.; Aras, Meena A.; Vidya, Chitre Report Apr 1, 2010 1219
Mathematical modelling of heat generation in the slag pool in electroslag casting with melting-on of flange stop valves. Muzhichenko, A.F.; Poleshchuk, M.A.; Shevtsov, V.L. Apr 1, 2010 2076
Estimation of account the flanges in the direct calculation of stress-strain state parameters at normal sections of structural members/Lentynu ivertinimas tiesiogiai apskaiciuojant itempiu-deformaciju buvio parametrus konstrukciniu elementu statmenuose pjuviuose. Zidonis, I. Report Jan 1, 2010 3231
New torsionally soft coupling from Centa. Nov 1, 2009 280
Universal Flange Gasket. Jun 1, 2009 90
Technology helps cut cost of pipeline maintenance. Apr 1, 2009 566
Simplified hydraulic flange system. Mar 1, 2009 108
Design integration for nonstandard flanges for pressure vessels. Saggarla, Murali; Yadavalli, Bhaskar Rao Report Jan 1, 2009 2833
Clamp eliminates distortion in non-metallic sanitary flanges. Aug 1, 2008 102
Connecting with high integrity flange technology. Robinson, Ian Oct 1, 2007 753
Clamp eliminates distortion in non-metallic sanitary flanges. Aug 1, 2007 101
Mapping of wheel flange rubbing on rail using AE: laboratory test. Thakkar, N.A.; Reuben, R.L.; Steel, J.A. Report Jan 1, 2007 2401
Equalizer International. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 113
Torque flange increases accuracy. Nov 1, 2005 119
Multi-bolt flange for static mixers. Sep 1, 2005 106
Spool flange sensing options. Jun 1, 2005 150
How to lengthen a tracheostomy tube. Costello, Declan A.E. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 259
Protection for pipework and personnel. (Plant & Equipment). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 155
Simple Approach To Electrical Isolation. Morris, Bruce E.; Pikas, Joseph L. Mar 1, 1999 2138

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