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Flames, Games and Bam Bams.

The Olympic torch started its second day in Scotland early yesterday morning before being relayed to the Highlands. Writer ANNA BURNSIDE and son Joe were there to see it come and go Saturday morning, 6.30am, Riverside Museum, Glasgow. I'm bleary-eyed but all the sponsors seem wide awake and raring to go.

While the Olympic torchbearers wait quietly in their bus, squads of smiley Coke and Samsung staff hop about in their uniforms.

Meanwhile, the road looks like the start line for the Wacky Races - cars, police motorbikes, vans, a Coke truck with a strange sort of hole in it.

Joe, aged six, really likes the Samsung lorry which combines two things little boys can't resist - four wheels and an enormous TV screen.

It's all very cheerful and good-natured. People - mostly parents with young children - queue for free Coke and tambourines. Emma Baird, 16, of Carmyle who will start this leg of the relay, zips about holding her unlit torch.

The whole family is here to see the keen footballer and swimmer who has recovered from a dislocated hip and amazed doctors by walking, running and playing football again.

At 7.03 on the dot, the pipers start playing. Joe is not keen - he prefers the Coke Zero trailer with its interactive jukebox playing tinny techno.

"This sounds like a wedding," he complains.

More hanging about.

Samsung give out heavily branded blue sausage balloons.

These are apparently called Bam Bams, a name they might possibly want to rework for the Glasgow market.

Suddenly, Emma appears round the side of the museum, almost hidden by crowds running beside her taking photos with their mobile phones. Joe is so busy whacking me with his Bam Bam that he hardly notices.

Then it's on to the road and off up towards Partick.

"Is that it gone?" Joe asks. Yes it is.

The family beside us are busy fastening their toddler into his buggy.

Did he, I wonder, enjoy his Olympic experience. "Yes," says his mother, "I think he did. But he enjoyed his first taste of Coca-Cola even more."


REAL THING Anna Burnside and son Joe watch the torch convoy take off at 7am
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Jun 10, 2012
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