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Flamenco evolves: a national festival features form-changing artists.

The 13th annual U.S. Flamenco Festival will visit seven cities, February 27 through March 19--and with it will come Spain's world-renowned, avant-garde flamenco choreographers: Manuel Linan, Israel Galvan, Rocio Molina, Rafaela Carrasco and improvisational master Farruquito. These performers are stepping away from the stereotypes often associated with flamenco as the style grows beyond a folk expression and regains a strong presence on the concert dance stage.

Flamenco's renewal is being driven by a young generation trained in multiple styles of dance, and also in theater and philosophy. It's being redefined by the fusion of contemporary movement, particularly in the upper body; a return to the classical styles of Spanish dance, such as escuela bolera; and collaborative experimental performances with forms such as kathak and hip hop. In this year's festival, Linan will dance in a bata de cola (a long-trained dress) and a manton (a large shawl), in a solo that explores male gender roles. "I like to move between the masculine and the feminine styles, between old-fashioned and modern," says Linan.

Truthfully, since its inception, flamenco has developed from a disobedient blending of other styles. Over time, those influences have changed, but its rebellious borrowing of other techniques is stronger than ever. For more information, see

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