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Xeriant enters joint venture with Movychem to target aerospace applications for fire protection technology. Apr 7, 2021 309
Xeriant enters joint venture with Movychem to target aerospace applications for fire protection technology. Apr 7, 2021 325
Notus completes shipment to museum. Mar 2, 2021 524
A simple and green strategy for preparing poly (vinyl alcohol) /phosphate cellulose aerogel with enhanced flame-retardant properties. Jixuan, Wei; Chunxia, Zhao; Yunchao, Li; Yuntao, Li; Zhangmei, Sun; Dong, Xiang; Hui, Li Report Mar 1, 2021 6120
Directa Plus says new research demonstrates graphene's flame retardant properties. Feb 11, 2021 319
Effects of flame-retardant additives on the manufacturing, mechanical, and fire properties of basalt fiber-reinforced polybenzoxazine. Wolter, Nick; Beber, Vinicius Carrillo; Haubold, Thorben; Sandinge, Anna; Blomqvist, Per; Goethals, Report Feb 1, 2021 6150
Notus Composites completes final fire-retardant shipment for Museum of the Future. Jason Saundalkar Jan 12, 2021 363
Notus Composites completes final fire-retardant shipment for Museum of the Future. Jason Saundalkar Jan 12, 2021 363
Notus completes FR shipment for Dubai Museum of Future project. Jan 11, 2021 505
Mulk Holdings says develops fire-retardant ACP panels for Alubond. Dec 23, 2020 786
Tirupati Graphite win first order for new fire-retardant, for use in rail carriages in India. Dec 19, 2020 184
Tirupati Graphite wins first order for new fire-retardant foam from railway carriage maker in India. Dec 18, 2020 404
Flame retardancy and pyrolysis behavior of an epoxy resin composite flame-retarded by diphenylphosphinyl-POSS. Zhai, Congcong; Xin, Fei; Cai, Liyun; Chen, Yu; Qian, Lijun Report Dec 1, 2020 6299
Flame retardant TPU. Nov 1, 2020 183
Extrusion of highly filled flexible polymer sheet. Deshmukh, Shruti; Burbine, Stephen; Keaney, Erin; Baneijee, Shib Shankar; Panwar, Artee; Peters, Chr Report Nov 1, 2020 6084
Synthesis of 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide derivative grafted polyethylene films for improving the flame retardant and anti-dripping properties. Xie, Cong; Leng, Fan; Dong, Zhen; Xu, Weilin; Zhu, Mengjiao; Xie, Kangjun; Du, Jifu; Zhao, Long Report Nov 1, 2020 5308
Corporate News - Anker, Devan and Shark Solutions develop flame retardant aviation carpet with recycled binder. Oct 31, 2020 423
Huber Announces New Power Plant at Martinswerk Facility. Oct 1, 2020 240
Huber Announces New Power Plant at Martinswerk Facility. Oct 1, 2020 223
Inside towns scorched by Western wildfires. Scott Wilson and Mason Trinca The Washington Post Sep 20, 2020 547
Inside towns scorched by Western wildfires Scorched: Fire season isn't over yet. Scott Wilson and Mason Trinca The Washington Post Sep 20, 2020 899
Inside towns scorched by Western wildfires Scorched: Fire season isn't over yet. Scott Wilson and Mason Trinca The Washington Post Sep 20, 2020 547
Bostik keeping trains safe and reliable through innovation. Sep 17, 2020 438
High level toxic chemicals found in dust. Sep 4, 2020 196
Study on Synergies of Fly Ash with Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes in Manufacturing Fire Retardant Epoxy Nanocomposite. Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Quang Tung Report Aug 31, 2020 4625
California fires spread, fouling air and spurring evacuations. Aug 22, 2020 622
Treatment of Yellow Phosphorus Slag and Reuse of It as an Absorbent of Chromium (VI) Ions and Methylene Blue. Nguyen, Van Hai; Nguyen, Van Chien; Nguyen, Thuy Chinh; Tran, Do Mai Trang; Nguyen, Thi Thu Trang; V Jul 31, 2020 9598
GANGS MAKE A MINT; Smuggled lethal menthol cigs sold for millions. EXCLUSIVE by Alan Selby Jul 26, 2020 641
Gangs are making millions smuggling menthol cigarettes to beat an EU ban; EXCLUSIVE: The mint-flavoured smokes were outlawed in May in a bid to deter young people from taking up the habit, but 'illicit whites' can be brought into the UK and could are a fire hazard. By, Alan Selby Jul 25, 2020 648
Preparation and study of fireproof materials with high-waterproof performance. Wang, Xuejiao; Shao, Donghai; Ejeromedoghene, Onome; Qian, Kun; Kandawa-Schulz, Martha; Song, Wei; W Jul 1, 2020 4884
Comparative performance of carbon nanotube and nanoclay on thermal properties and flammability behavior of amorphous polyamide/SEBS blend. Paes, Leticia Helena Gasparini; Steffen, Teresa Tromm; Becker, Daniela Jun 1, 2020 4926
Effects of phosphate emulsion-based montmorillonite on structure and properties of poly(styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) triblock copolymer. Yu, Hui; Li, Jun; Chen, Gang; Zhang, Ruifeng; Li, Yangyang; Qiu, Biwei; Li, Xiaoyan Jun 1, 2020 5393
Study on Mechanical Properties and Fire Resistance of Epoxy Nanocomposite Reinforced with Environmentally Friendly Additive: Nanoclay I.30E. Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Pham, Thi Mai Huong; Dang, Thi Huong; Do, Thi Hanh; Nguyen, Quang Tung Report May 31, 2020 6124
British Airways planes 'sabotaged by disgruntled workers' who covered them in foam; Dramatic pictures show two BA aircraft covered in foam, leaving the airline with a huge cleaning bill -but the company insists it was an accident and not deliberate. By, Dave Burke May 6, 2020 312
EcoWaste to govt, industry: Remove toxic chemicals in recycled plastic toys. May 6, 2020 737
The Application of a Novel Char Source From Petroleum Refining Waste in Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Wang, Di; Guo, Jia; Su, Ming; Sun, Jun; Zhang, Sheng; Yang, Wantai; Gu, Xiaoyu; Li, Hongfei May 1, 2020 3478
Mechanical and Flame-Retardant Properties of Nanocomposite Based on Epoxy Resin Combined with Epoxidized Linseed Oil, Which Has the Presence of Nanoclay and MWCNTs. Nguyen, Tuan Anh Mar 31, 2020 4504
Synergistic Fire Retardancy of Bis(1-methoxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-4-yl)sebacate and Tris(2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)-1,3,5-triazine/[Sb.sub.2][O.sub.3] in HIPS. Wu, Hongzhi; Liu, Junhong; Zhang, Qi; Sun, Mingmei; Yang, Jingwei; Tang, Linsheng Mar 31, 2020 7501
Poison Out, Poison In. Mar 22, 2020 488
Improvement of the Dispersity of Micro-Nano Particles for PP/PVC Composites Using Gas-Assisted Dispersion in a Controlled Foaming Process. Zhou, Ying-Guo; Zhao, Xu-Dong; Dong, Bin-Bin; Liu, Chun-Tai Report Mar 1, 2020 7352
Combination of Phosphorous Flame Retardants and Aluminum Trihydrate in Multicomponent EPDM Composites. Zirnstein, Benjamin; Schulze, Dietmar; Schartel, Bernhard Feb 1, 2020 10212
The Effect of Different Smoke Suppressants with APP for Enhancing the Flame Retardancy and Smoke Suppression on Vinyl Ester Resin. Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Weiwei; Zeng, Gaofeng; Du, Jianxin; Zhang, Wenchao; Yang, Rongjie Feb 1, 2020 6403
Synergistic Flame Retardant Effect of Organic Phosphorus-Nitrogen and Inorganic Boron Flame Retardant on Polyethylene. Ai, Lianghui; Yang, Liu; Hu, Junfeng; Chen, Shanshan; Zeng, Jinming; Liu, Ping Feb 1, 2020 5638
Finnester Coatings Launches HybridRED. Feb 1, 2020 178
Antimony Market Size, Key Player Analysis, Type and Applications Forecast Business Opportunities, Current Trends, Market Forecast & Global Industry Analysis by 2023. Jan 27, 2020 724
Canadian air tanker crashes while fighting Australia bushfires, 3 dead. Jan 23, 2020 347
Flame Retardants, Pesticides Remain Threat to U.S. Health: Study. Jan 21, 2020 397
China Flame Retardants Companies Market - Demand for Flame Retardants will Continue to Grow at About 5% by 2029. Jan 20, 2020 512
China Flame Retardants Industry Forecasts - Economic Outlook, Market Trends & Developments. Industry overview Jan 20, 2020 544
New fire-retardant PU foam Launched in UAE. Jan 14, 2020 267
Prenatal exposure to flame retardants may be associated with reading problems in children. ANI Jan 12, 2020 365
Growth Opportunities in the Global Flame Retardant Plastics Market 2019-2024. Jan 7, 2020 1018
Flame Retardant Plastics Market Estimated to Generate $55 Billion During the Forecast Period, 2019-2024. Jan 6, 2020 1122
Global Alumina Trihydrate Market Projected to Grow by $662.2M During 2019-2025. Dec 9, 2019 581
WATCH: London Bridge Attacker Subdued By Citizens Using Fire Extinguishers. Kalyan Kumar Dec 2, 2019 435
Safer Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Synthetic Leathers for the Automotive Industry: Evaluation of Alternatives to Antimony Compounds as Flame Retardants. Zattini, Giorgio; Ballardini, Sergio; Benelli, Tiziana; Mazzocchetti, Laura; Giorgini, Loris Dec 1, 2019 5976
A New Wood Surface Flame-Retardant Based on Poly-m-Aramid Electrospun Nanofibers. Merighi, Stefano; Mazzocchetti, Laura; Benelli, Tiziana; Maccaferri, Emanuele; Zucchelli, Andrea; D' Dec 1, 2019 6939
Theory of Flame Retardation of Polymeric Materials. Book review Dec 1, 2019 108
The Bromine Market: Worldwide Industry Growth, Trends, Outlook & Projections (2019-2024). Nov 28, 2019 1245
Bromine Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Report Nov 25, 2019 902
Bromine Market is Projected to Grow from USD 3.3 Billion in 2019 to USD 4.4 Billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 5.8%. Nov 20, 2019 1021
Fireproof Insulation Market 2019 Share, Industry Size, Growth, Market Insights, Segmentation, Regional Growth and Forecast to 2023. Nov 19, 2019 610
Flame-Retardant Exposure Increases Anxiety, Affects Social Behaviors in Prairie Vole. Nov 13, 2019 1044
Flame-Retardant Exposure Increases Anxiety, Affects Social Behaviors in Prairie Vole. Nov 12, 2019 1044
Phthalic Anhydride Market Research Report, Analysis, Global Segmentation, Top Key Player, Business Strategy, Regional Outlook by 2023. Report Nov 6, 2019 1006
Huber Fire Retardant Additives Expands Capacity at German Plant. Nov 1, 2019 145
Synergistic Effect of Organically Modified Zinc Aluminum Layered Double Hydroxide in Intumescent Flame-Retarding Polypropylene Composites Containing Melamine Phytate and Dipentaerythritol. Zheng, Zaihang; Liu, Yuhang; Dai, Boya; Meng, Chunyu; Guo, Zhenxue Nov 1, 2019 7918
California Fires: New Blazes As Dangerous Winds Fan The Flames. AFP News Oct 31, 2019 760
US CITIES' FIRE RISK. Karen Rockett Oct 27, 2019 222
Notus Composites achieves key manufacturing milestone. Oct 25, 2019 314
Polyurethane Additives Market Global Size, Growth Insight, Industry Share, Trends, Industry Key Players, Regional Forecast to 2025. Oct 25, 2019 930
Sodium Hypophosphite Market To Exhibit A CAGR Of 5.01% During The Period 2019-2024: Industry Application, Types, Top Leader, Region and Size Forecast By Radiant Insights, Inc. Oct 17, 2019 974
Antimony Market Growth Is Encouraged By Demand For Safety Policies And Increasing Use For Plastic Additive Applications Till 2023 / Million Insights. Oct 11, 2019 840
Polyolefin Fiber Market 2019 Global Industry Segment, Size, Share, Key Player Analysis, Growth Factor and Development Trends and Business Opportunities by 2023. Oct 3, 2019 1121
Flame-retardant TPEs. Oct 1, 2019 128
Transparent Low-Flammability Epoxy Resins with Improved Mechanical Properties Using Tryptamine-Based DOPO Derivative. Chen, Rui; Dai, Shensong; Guo, Tong; Tang, Hao; Fan, Yuqi; Zhou, Hong Oct 1, 2019 5166
Evaluation of Nanocomposites Containing Graphene Nanoplatelets: Mechanical Properties and Combustion Behavior. Trusiano, Giuseppe; Matta, Samuele; Bianchi, Massimiliano; Rizzi, Laura Giorgia; Frache, Alberto Oct 1, 2019 8278
Effect of Methyl Methacrylate on the Properties of Transparent Flame Retardant Unsaturated Phosphate Ester Copolymer. Liu, Hongli; Lin, Nan; Huang, Jie; Chang, Guanjun; Wu, Yilong; Li, Xiuyun Oct 1, 2019 4801
Preparation and Properties of Flame-Retardant Damping Polyurethane and Its Application in Floating Deck. Wang, Congying; Hong, Ling; Tian, Caiyun Oct 1, 2019 7464
Little Smokey. Book review Oct 1, 2019 181
Effects of Size of Zinc Borate on the Flame Retardant Properties of Intumescent Coatings. Lu, Ning; Zhang, Pengchao; Wu, Ya'nan; Zhu, Danqing; Pan, Zhu Sep 30, 2019 8625
Flame Retardant and Hyperthyroidism: Link was found by using silicone pet tags. Sep 21, 2019 254
Phthalic Anhydride Market Research Report 2019, Global Industry Growth, Competitive Landscape, Development Status, Size, Share, Forecast To 2023. Report Sep 10, 2019 995
Flame Retardant Market To Gain Tremendous Demand From Construction, Transportation, Electrical & Electronics Industries Till 2025 / Million Insights. Sep 4, 2019 948
Tetrakis (Hydroxymethyl) Phosphonium Sulfate Market - Global Forecast 2025. Sep 4, 2019 920
CONTAMINATED MICHIGAN THE PBB CRISIS: It was the summer of 1973, and Michigan dairy farmer Frederic Halbert knew something was wrong. None of his cows were chewing cud, and streaks near their eyes made them look as if they were crying. It took nine months for him to discover the truth about his poisoned cattle. The crisis sparked by that moment would never truly end. Parish, Claire Sep 1, 2019 2838
Flame Retardant Polyester Resins Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 202. Aug 22, 2019 1127
Fire Resins Market Impacts Higher Demand Due to Increasing Contribution by Major Players during 2018. Aug 15, 2019 680
Expandable Graphite Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Report Aug 15, 2019 1041
Fire Resins Market Impacts Higher Demand Due to Increasing Contribution by Major Players during 2018. Aug 14, 2019 694
Global Plastic Additives Market Size Analysis, Type and Forecast Business Opportunities, Current Trends, Market Forecast & Global Industry Analysis by 2023. Aug 14, 2019 982
World Bromine Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts Report 2019: Annual Estimates and Forecasts 2014 Through 2022. Report Aug 13, 2019 773
The Global Market for Nanotextiles (2019-2030): Revenues by Applications & Nanomaterials Type. Aug 7, 2019 932
Kraiburg expands flame retardant offerings for railway applications. Aug 1, 2019 330
Lignosulfonates as Fire Retardants in Wood Flour-Based Particleboards. Angelini, Stefania; Barrio, Aitor; Cerruti, Pierfrancesco; Scarinzi, Gennaro; Garcia-Jaca, Javier; S Jul 31, 2019 6470
Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Behavior of Nanoparticles of Mg[(OH).sub.2] to Be Used as Flame Retardants. Hanna, A.A.; Abdelmoaty, A.S.; Sherief, M.A. Jul 31, 2019 3054
Study on Fire Resistance Ability and Mechanical Properties of Composites Based on Epikote 240 Epoxy Resin and Thermoelectric Fly Ash: An Ecofriendly Additive. Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Quang Tung; Nguyen, Xuan Canh; Nguyen, Van Hoan Report Jul 31, 2019 3660
Mechanical Properties and Flame Retardancy of Epoxy Resin/ Nanoclay/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites. Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Quang Tung; Bach, Trong Phuc Jul 31, 2019 4314
Influence of Organoclay on the Flame Retardancy and Thermal Insulation Property of Expandable Graphite/Polyurethane Foam. Thi, Nhung Hac; Pham, Duy Linh; Hanh, Nguyen Thi; Oanh, Ho Thi; Duong, Thi Hai Yen; Nguyen, Thanh Nh Jul 31, 2019 4188
Global Flame Retardants Market Forecast to 2025 - Focus on ATH, Brominated, Chlorinated, Phosphorus-Based, Antimony Trioxide. Jul 29, 2019 1060
President Masisi safe. Jul 21, 2019 240
Tests reveal cladding risk must be fixed. Jul 19, 2019 124
Fears over 'cocktail of chemicals'. Jul 16, 2019 228
Concerns over 'chemical cocktail' exposure; HEALTH. Jul 16, 2019 217
Polyisocyanurate Insulation Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Opportunity. Jul 12, 2019 1525
RIOT COPS GEAR UP FOR A [euro]500K SPEND; Kit is ordered after report said sharing creates safety risks. Jul 12, 2019 348
Polyisocyanurate Insulation Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Opportunity. Jul 11, 2019 1538
Household Chemicals Might Be Sparking Rise in Thyroid Disease Among Cats. Jul 10, 2019 340
Effect of Different Size-Modified Expandable Graphite and Ammonium Polyphosphate on the Flame Retardancy, Thermal Stability, Physical, and Mechanical Properties of Rigid Polyurethane Foam. Pang, Xiu-Yan; Xin, Ya-Ping; Shi, Xiu-Zhu; Xu, Jian-Zhong Report Jul 1, 2019 10785
A Study of Chemical Exposure from Consumer Products Used in Residential Environments. Davis, Aika; Harris, Debra; Black, Marilyn Report Jul 1, 2019 1551
Flame-Retardant and Smoke Suppression Properties of Nano MgAl-LDH Coating on Bamboo Prepared by an In Situ Reaction. Yao, Xiaoling; Du, Chungui; Hua, Yating; Zhang, Jingjing; Peng, Rui; Huang, Qiuli; Liu, Hongzhi Jun 30, 2019 5784
Walki membrane succesfully passes fire test. Jun 30, 2019 442
TaraSafe at OGA2019. Jun 14, 2019 465
Lanxess AG (ETR: LXS) - LANXESS at the "Plastics in E&E Applications" SKZ conference in Wurzburg, Germany, Marienberg Fortress on June 4 and 5, 2019 -- 24/5/2019. Conference news Jun 11, 2019 758
Lanxess AG (ETR: LXS) - LANXESS at the "Plastics in E&E Applications" SKZ conference in Wurzburg, Germany, Marienberg Fortress on June 4 and 5, 2019 -- 24/5/2019. Conference news Jun 7, 2019 759
Preparation of Graphene Nanoplatelets by Thermal Shock Combined with Ball Milling Methods for Fabricating Flame-Retardant Polymers. Tran, Vinh Q.; Doan, Hai T.; Nguyen, Nhiem T.; Do, Cuong V. May 31, 2019 3152
Flame Retardant Apparel Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dominance during 2018-2027. May 16, 2019 654
RAMPF at Moulding Expo 2019 in Stuttgart. May 15, 2019 386
Flame Retardant Appare Market: Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during 2018. May 6, 2019 718
Amidosulfuric Acid Market Analysis Showcases Growth Trends and Opportunity Forecasted Until 2028. May 3, 2019 790
Flame Retardant Apparel Market: Leading Manufacturers Expected to Motivate Growth during 2018-2027. May 1, 2019 755
UV-cured Acrylic Adhesive Tapes Market Valuable Growth Prospects and Insights on Future Scenario To. Apr 26, 2019 868
Silicone Rubber Sheet Market Global Analysis & Forecast to 2025 Research Report. Mar 22, 2019 977
Fire Retardancy Effect of Phosphorus-Modified Halloysite on Polyamide-11 Nanocomposites. Sahnoune, Mohamed; Taguet, Aurelie; Otazaghine, Belkacem; Kaci, Mustapha; Lopez-Cuesta, Jose-Marie Report Mar 1, 2019 5798
Global Flame Retardant Apparel Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression until 2027. Feb 21, 2019 737
Global Flame Retardant Apparel Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression until 2027. Feb 21, 2019 702
Parents your child is carrying evidence of toxins from home flooring, furniture. Feb 18, 2019 504
Toxic flame retardants in kid's car seats may cause harm. Dec 3, 2018 416
Lubrizol to Showcase New Coating Technologies at IDEA19. Nov 13, 2018 650
Flame-retardant self-fusing silicone tape. Nov 1, 2018 370
Halogen-Free Flame Retarded Rigid Polyurethane Foam: The Influence of Titanium Dioxide Modified Expandable Graphite and Ammonium Polyphosphate on Flame Retardancy and Thermal Stability. Pang, Xiu-Yan; Chang, Ran; Weng, Meng-Qi Report Nov 1, 2018 7965
Highly Flame Retardant and Bio-Based Rigid Polyurethane Foams Derived from Orange Peel Oil. Zhang, C.; Bhoyate, Sanket; Ionescu, M.; Kahol, P.K.; Gupta, Ram K. Nov 1, 2018 5304
Influence of Natural Ageing on the Flame Retardancy and Thermal Properties of Intumescent Flame Retardant Long Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Composites. He, Weidi; Li, Lingtong; Zhou, Dengfeng; Chen, Xiaolang; Guo, Jianbing Report Nov 1, 2018 5058
Flame Retarding Polyamide 11 With Exfoliated Vermiculite Nanoflakes. Macheca, Afonso D.; Focke, Walter W.; Kaci, Mustapha; Panampilly, Bindu; Androsch, Rene Report Oct 1, 2018 6569
Synthesis of the Poly(phosphoric-boric acid) Piperazine and Its Application as an Effective Flame Retardant for Epoxy Resins. Xu, Miao-Jun; Ma, Kun; Liu, Chuan; Li, Bin Report Oct 1, 2018 7131
Fire Resistant Paints Market : Value Chain, Dynamics and Key Players (2014 - 2020). Sep 28, 2018 611
Flame Retardant Chemicals Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2014-2020. Sep 26, 2018 268
Europe to Remain Largest Market for Flame Resistant & Retardant Fabric. Sep 17, 2018 707
Thermal Oxidation and Thermal Degradation Kinetics of Brominated Epoxy Resin/[Sb.sub.2][O.sub.3] Flame Retardant PA10T/GF Composites. Wang, Meng; Song, Haishuo; He, Weidi; Wang, Jian; Zhou, Dengfeng; Guo, Jianbing Report Sep 1, 2018 8386
Rapid Growth of Tarps Now Prompts Further Expansion of Fire Retardant Tarps Division. Aug 22, 2018 420
Influence of Graphitization Degree of Carbon Microspheres on Properties of PET Flame Retardant. Xue, Baoxia; Niu, Mei; Yang, Yongzhen; Wang, Weiya; Peng, Yun; Song, Yinghao; Liu, Xuguang Report Aug 1, 2018 5931
Cleaning products could protect you from toxic chemical. Jun 30, 2018 514
Cleaning products could protect you from toxic chemical. Jun 28, 2018 495
BRUCKNER line for market leader in flame retardant coating. May 31, 2018 388
Grenfell Tower insulation 'never passed required safety test' before blaze that killed 72 people; An investigation by BBC Panorama claims it has found a more flammable version of the product was used than the one which had qualified for the safety certificate. May 21, 2018 576
Hydroxylated Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers Exert Estrogenic Effects via Non-Genomic G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor Mediated Pathways. Cao, Lin-Ying; Ren, Xiao-Min; Yang, Yu; Wan, Bin; Guo, Liang-Hong; Chen, De; Fan, Yong May 1, 2018 11240
Demand for High Quality Fire Retardant Tarps Outstripping Supplies. Apr 15, 2018 557
Rescue heroes who ask nothing in return. Mar 18, 2018 1101
UAE firm supplies fire-retardant coating to Saudi Hajj authority. Feb 23, 2018 199
Global Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polypropylene (PP) Market Size Estimation by Experts 2. Feb 21, 2018 1282
Update on the Regulatory Status of Flame Retardants. West, Jay; Simon, Robert J. Feb 1, 2018 2935
Apartments' cladding found to be 'fire risk'. Jan 20, 2018 553
Alstone Launches India's First Unlined Floorings for Seamless Finish. Jan 20, 2018 384
Flame-Retardant Nylon 66 for Unattended Appliance Connectors. Jan 1, 2018 146
Comparison of pentaerythrotol and its derivatives as intumescent flame retardants for polypropylene. Huang, Siwen; Xu, Jiayou; Deng, Haiming; Liu, Jie; Xiao, Yuanfang Jan 1, 2018 5614
Short Jute Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites: Effect of Nonhalogenated Fire Retardants. Chestee, Sk. Sharfuddin; Poddar, Pinku; Sheel, Tushar Kumar; Rashid, Md. Mamunur; Khan, Ruhul A.; Sa Jan 1, 2018 4043
Investigation on Smoke Suppression Mechanism of Hydrated Lime in Asphalt Combustion. Zhu, Kai; Wang, Yunhe; Zhou, Qi; Tang, Daquan; Gu, Lingzhu; Wu, Ke Jan 1, 2018 4610
New Flame Retardant Solutions For Flexible PU Foams in Automotive Applications. Tebbe, Heiko; Egan, Joseph Dec 1, 2017 5053
TaraWool - The Answer to Molten Metal Splash Protection. Nov 25, 2017 436
Erratum: "Urinary Concentrations of Organophosphate Flame Retardant Metabolites and Pregnancy Outcomes among Women Undergoing in Vitro Fertilization". Carignan, Courtney C.; Minguez-Alarcon, Lidia; Butt, Craig M.; Williams, Paige L.; Meeker, John D.; Correction notice Nov 1, 2017 271
Tarasafe at National Safety Council Congress and Expo 2017. Oct 16, 2017 387
He lit a cigarette at a fuel pump: what happened next. Oct 10, 2017 283
Flame Retardancy Synergism in Polymers Through Different Inert Fillers' Geometry. Schartel, Bernhard; Schmaucks, Gerd Report Oct 1, 2017 8490
Improved fire protection. Sep 6, 2017 1707
Adipogenic Effects and Gene Expression Profiling of Firemaster[R] 550 Components in Human Primary Preadipocytes. Tung, Emily W.Y.; Peshdary, Vian; Gagne, Remi; Rowan-Carroll, Andrea; Yauk, Carole L.; Boudreau, Ade Report Sep 1, 2017 10974
Cross reference index. Sep 1, 2017 803
Does Yoga Mats Reduce Your Chances Of Pregnancy? Aug 26, 2017 529
Chemicals in your sofa can lower chance of pregnancy. Aug 26, 2017 251
Fabric can give off toxic fumes, too. Aug 18, 2017 237
Could our furniture be making our cats sick? Aug 1, 2017 138
Fire retardant additives. Aug 1, 2017 134
Urinary concentrations of organophosphate flame retardant metabolites and pregnancy outcomes among women undergoing in vitro fertilization. Carignan, Courtney C.; Minguez-Alarcon, Lidia; Butt, Craig M.; Williams, Paige L.; Meeker, John D.; Report Aug 1, 2017 7696
Prenatal serum concentrations of brominated flame retardants and autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability in the early markers of autism study: a population-based case-control study in California. Lyall, Kristen; Croen, Lisa A.; Weiss, Lauren A.; Kharrazi, Martin; Traglia, Michela; Delorenze, Ger Report Aug 1, 2017 13468
Influence of tetrabromobisphenol A, with or without concurrent triclosan, upon bisphenol A and estradiol concentrations in mice. Pollock, Tyler; Mantella, Leanna; Reali, Vanessa; deCatanzaro, Denys Report Aug 1, 2017 10408
Developmental PBDE exposure and IQ/ADHD in childhood: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Lam, Juleen; Lanphear, Bruce P.; Bellinger, David; Axelrad, Daniel A.; McPartland, Jennifer; Sutton, Report Aug 1, 2017 24990
Bosses insist fire station cladding is not that used on Grenfell. Jul 11, 2017 308
Flame-retardant additive. Jun 1, 2017 169
New nitrogen-rich heterocycles for organo-modified bentonites as flame retardant fillers in epoxy resin nanocomposites. Benelli, Tiziana; Mazzocchetti, Laura; D'Angelo, Emanuele; Lanzi, Massimiliano; Saraga, Federico; Sa Report Jun 1, 2017 8475
Huber's Fire retardant additives business expands capacity. Jun 1, 2017 133
A case-control study of maternal polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) exposure and cryptorchidism in Canadian populations. Goodyer, Cynthia G.; Poon, Shirley; Aleksa, Katarina; Hou, Laura; Atehortua, Veronica; Carnevale, Am Report May 1, 2017 9314
The synergistic effect of CNTs and flame retardants on the mechanical behavior of aerospace epoxy resin. Polydoropoulou, Panagiota V.; Katsiropoulos, Christos V.; Pantelakis, Spiros G. Report May 1, 2017 6136
Flame Retardants May Up Risk of Thyroid Cancer. Apr 3, 2017 542
Serum metabolomic profiles in neonatal mice following oral brominated flame retardant exposures to hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) alpha, gamma, and commercial mixture. Szabo, David T.; Pathmasiri, Wimal; Sumner, Susan; Birnbaum, Linda S. Apr 1, 2017 6987
Polyamides good in the heat. Apr 1, 2017 168
Butylated Triphenyl Phosphate Market Projected to Reach 30.7 Million USD by 2026. Feb 22, 2017 662
How Construction Chemicals Market worth 33.98 Billion USD by 2020? Feb 10, 2017 808
Construction Chemicals Market Research worth 33.98 Billion USD by 2020. Feb 1, 2017 808
Construction Chemicals Market worth 33.98 Billion USD by 2020. Jan 18, 2017 808
The Effect of Soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate on the Properties of Water Blown Semirigid Polyurethane Foams. Yao, Weiguo; Wang, Hanmo; Guau, Dongbo; Fu, Tao; Zhang, Tianqi; Dou, Yanli Jan 1, 2017 3754
Effects of [alpha]-ZrP on Crystallinity and Flame-Retardant Behaviors of PA6/MCA Composites. Xiao, Yuanfang; Xu, Jiayou; Huang, Siwen; Deng, Haiming Jan 1, 2017 5873
Levels of Urinary Metabolites of Organophosphate Flame Retardants, TDCIPP, and TPHP, in Pregnant Women in Shanghai. Feng, Liping; Ouyang, Fengxiu; Liu, Liangpo; Wang, Xu; Wang, Xia; Li, Yi-Ju; Murtha, Amy; Shen, Heqi Jan 1, 2017 5251
Inhibition Effect of Phosphorus Flame Retardants on the Fire Disasters Induced by Spontaneous Combustion of Coal. Tang, Yibo Report Jan 1, 2017 3884
Nanoparticles Decorated on Resin Particles and Their Flame Retardancy Behavior for Polymer Composites. Attia, Nour F.; Zayed, Mohamed Jan 1, 2017 4731
Human Excretion of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Flame Retardants: Blood, Urine, and Sweat Study. Genuis, Shelagh K.; Birkholz, Detlef; Genuis, Stephen J. Report Jan 1, 2017 11972
Identifying chemical groups for biomonitoring. Krowech, Gail; Hoover, Sara; Plummer, Laurel; Sandy, Martha; Zeise, Lauren; Solomon, Gina Dec 1, 2016 7716
Spreading the word on new Dubai fire codes for cladding. Nov 24, 2016 866
Spreading the word on new Dubai fire codes for cladding. Nov 24, 2016 866
Flame-retardant clay synergists reduce smoke production. Nov 1, 2016 152
Flight risks. Staley, Roberta Cover story Nov 1, 2016 2260
Bromine Derivatives Market to Grow at a CAGR of 4.2% Through 2026. Oct 12, 2016 521
GRI develops fire retardant compound. Oct 1, 2016 465
E-waste management in the United States and public health implications. Seeberger, Jessica; Grandhi, Radhika; Kim, Stephani S.; Mase, William A.; Reponen, Tiina; Ho, Shuk-m Oct 1, 2016 7608
Burn resistance: Westex By Milliken, Milliken & Co. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 119
Kraiburg to launch new flame retardant compounds. Sep 1, 2016 130
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Additive Masterbatch Market - Global Forecast to 2021 - New Report Available. Jul 14, 2016 449
Nonflammable polycarbonates. Corneliussen, Roger Brief article Jul 1, 2016 157
Magnesium Hydroxide Market Worth US$ 551.4 Mn in 2015. Jun 24, 2016 418
Global Bromine Market Will Grow 483 Kilo Metric Tons (KMT) in 2016: Persistence Market Research. Jun 3, 2016 499
Controversial Lifesavers: Ceresana Analyzes the World Market for Flame Retardants. Jun 1, 2016 687
"Flame Retardant Market - Global Forecast to 2021" Published. May 2, 2016 507
Flame retardant labels. May 1, 2016 173
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Improving thermal and flame-retardant properties of epoxy resins by a new imine linkage phosphorous-containing curing agent. Xie, Cong; Du, Jifu; Dong, Zhen; Sun, Shaofa; Zhao, Long; Dai, Lizong Report Apr 1, 2016 4739
Mogul Mopet certified FR. Mar 1, 2016 224
Alexium is a recognized leader in FR technology and environmental stewardship. Feb 29, 2016 865
Harvard extinguishing flame retardants to protect students. Botelho, Stefanie Feb 1, 2016 256
Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardants Linked to Poorer Behavioral Function in Children. Jan 28, 2016 436
The protective effects and aging process of the topcoat of intumescent fire-retardant coatings applied to steel structures. Wang, Ji Jan 1, 2016 6973
A fire-retardant composite made from domestic waste and PVA. Surtiyeni, Neni; Rahmadani, Raidha; Kurniasih, Neny; Khairurrijal; Abdullah, Mikrajuddin Jan 1, 2016 6497
Huber to Buy Flame Retardant Business from Albemarle. Dec 17, 2015 358
Huber to Buy Flame Retardant Business from Albemarle. Dec 17, 2015 365
Stratistics MRC Announces Its New Report, "Flame Retardant Chemicals Global Market Outlook - Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Assessment". Dec 16, 2015 378
Combustion characteristics and synergistic effects of red phosphorus masterbatch with expandable graphite in the flame retardant HDPE/EVA composites. Tang, Mengqi; Chen, Man; Xu, Yang; Chen, Xiaolang; Sun, Zhidan; Zhang, Zhibin Report Dec 1, 2015 6177
Non-toxic fire retardant developed. Dec 1, 2015 127
Investigation of factory fire retardant treatment of eucalyptus plywood. La, Hu; Zhilin, Chen; Feng, Fu; Mizi, Fan Nov 1, 2015 6605
FRX Polymers' flame retardant available globally as Belgian plant opens. Nov 1, 2015 263
BASF's flame retardant PBT chosen for major power electronics application. Oct 1, 2015 360
Brominated flame retardants and other persistent organohalogenated compounds in relation to timing of puberty in a longitudinal study of girls. Windham, Gayle C.; Pinney, Susan M.; Voss, Robert W.; Sjodin, Andreas; Biro, Frank M.; Greenspan, Lo Report Oct 1, 2015 9018
Chemtura reports up to USD3.50 per kilogram price rise on Emerald Innovation 3000 flame retardant. Sep 28, 2015 169
Effect of poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) powder act as a filler in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) compounds on the cure, flame retardant and mechanical properties. Majid, Noor Aishatun; Wahab, Nor Mazlina Abdul; Sani, Noor Faezah Mohd; Aziz, Nurazfa Ilyana Abdul; Sep 1, 2015 3484
Effect of poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) powder act as a filler in acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) compounds on the cure, flame retardant and mechanical properties. Majid, Aishatun Noor; Wahab, Nor Mazlina Abdul; Sani, Noor Faezah Mohd; Aziz, Nurazfa Ilyana Abdul; Sep 1, 2015 3467
Bromine Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025 by Future Market Insights. Aug 1, 2015 646
Development of new sustainable inorganic flame retardant additive system for polyamide 6,6 with improved performance. Belyamani, Imane; Otaigbe, Joshua U.; Fielding, William R. Report Aug 1, 2015 3965
Synergistic additives for flame retardant elastomers. Aug 1, 2015 555
Alexium to work together with iTextiles, Pakistan. Brief article Jul 31, 2015 293
Influence of polyamide 6 as a charring agent on the flame retardancy, thermal, and mechanical properties of polypropylene composites. Chen, Man; Tang, Mengqi; Ma, Yonghong; Chen, Xiaolang; Qin, Jun; He, Weidi; Zhang, Zhibin Report Jun 1, 2015 4336
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Acidic buffer mechanism of cyclotriphosphazene and melamine cyanurate synergism system flame retardant epoxy resin. Cheng, Yanbo; Li, Jiang; He, Yueshan; Wang, Biwu; Liu, Yuan; Wang, Qi Report May 1, 2015 3078
Archroma's Pekoflam(R) HFC is first powder based flame retardant additive for coating applications to be listed with OEKO-TEX(R) Standard 100. Mar 31, 2015 321
Phosphorous-based flame retardant market in China poised for strong growth. Mar 1, 2015 311
Novel flame-retardant epoxy composites containing aluminium [beta]-carboxylethylmethylphosphinate. Liu, Xueqing; Liu, Jiyan; Chen, Jia; Cai, Shaojun; Hu, Chenlong Report Mar 1, 2015 4514
Hand-me-down hazard: flame retardants in discarded foam products: new furniture labeling and flammability standards in California are expected to offer a market-driven solution for people who want to avoid flame retardants. Betts, Kellyn S. Mar 1, 2015 6246
Tracking alternative flame retardants: hand-to-mouth exposures in adults. Betts, Kellyn S. Report Feb 1, 2015 1274
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EPA updates alternatives assessment on flame retardants in PCBs. Buetow, Mike Feb 1, 2015 166
Non-toxic flame retardants. Corneliussen, Roger Brief article Jan 1, 2015 114
BASF now offers fire protection with improved environmental profile. Jan 1, 2015 290
Teijin Begins OEM Production of New Phosphorus Flame Retardant. Dec 11, 2014 152
Flame retardant ethylene-vinyl acetate composites based on layered double hydroxides with zinc hydroxystannate. Jia, Chuixuan; Qian, Yi; Chen, Xilei; Liu, Yi Report Dec 1, 2014 3830
More fat, less bone? Flame retardant may deliver a one-two punch. Nicole, Wendee Nov 1, 2014 1077
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BASF offers improved flame retardant grade for E&E applications. Nov 1, 2014 208
Flame retardant and thermal decomposition properties of flexible polyurethane foams filled with several halogen-free flame retardants. Wang, Cheng-Qun; Lv, Hai-Ning; Sun, Jie; Cai, Zai-Sheng Report Nov 1, 2014 5634
Alexium and iTextiles agree to co-branding for certain products for the Middle East and Europe. Oct 31, 2014 321
FR nanocomposites. Corneliussen, Roger Brief article Oct 1, 2014 161
Zeroing in on a risk factor? PBDE exposure and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Tillett, Tanya Oct 1, 2014 972
Flame Retardant Market - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019 - New Market Report. Sep 22, 2014 571
Albemarle to establish polymeric flame retardant manufacturing joint venture with ICL in 2015. Sep 1, 2014 220
Effect of core-shell zinc hydroxystannate nanoparticle-organic macromolecule composite flame retardant prepared by masterbatch method on flame-retardant behavior and mechanical properties of flexible poly(vinyl chloride). Li, Zhi-Wei; Shao, Bing; Huang, Yong-Shan; Li, Xiao-Hong; Zhang, Zhi-Jun Report Sep 1, 2014 3734
Urinary tetrabromobenzoic acid (TBBA) as a biomarker of exposure to the flame retardant mixture Firemaster[R] 550. Hoffman, Kate; Fang, Mingliang; Horman, Brian; Patisaul, Heather B.; Garantziotis, Stavros; Birnbaum Report Sep 1, 2014 7698
3T RPD launches flame retardant nylon for end use parts. Sep 1, 2014 491
Sony Commences External Sales of SORPLAS Flame-retardant Recycled Plastic Material. Aug 4, 2014 797
Substitutes for toxic flame retardants. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 171
Advanced non-intrusive duct lining technology for rehabilitation of deteriorated ducts in residential buildings. Roy, Ashis Kumar; Bartlette, Chris; Alam, Shaurav; Allouche, Erez; Gorthala, Ravi Report Jul 1, 2014 3498
Marine bacteria produces man-made like toxic fire retardants: Study. Jun 30, 2014 241
Link to fire retardants and PBDEs. Jun 25, 2014 694
Advanced Non-Intrusive Duct Lining Technology for Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Ducts in Residential Buildings. Roy, Ashis Kumar; Bartlette, Chris; Alam, Shaurav; Allouche, Erez; Gorthala, Ravi Jun 22, 2014 3472
Do your favorite foods contain fire retardants? Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Jun 1, 2014 2879
Making polyurethane foams more sustainable: sustainability's a heavy topic even when talking about lightweight, energy-efficient PUR foams. Lamontagne, Nancy D. Jun 1, 2014 1494
Flame retardant exposure could lead to lower IQs in 5-year-olds. May 29, 2014 248
Health: Study lists dangerous chemicals linked to breast cancer. May 16, 2014 465
Mechanical and thermal analysis of injection molded poly(methyl methacrylate) modified with 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide (DOPO) fire retarder. Krala, Grzegorz; Ubowska, Agnieszka; Kowalczyk, Krzysztof Report May 1, 2014 3251
Effect of the particle size of expandable graphite on the thermal stability, flammability, and mechanical properties of high-density polyethylene/ethylene vinyl-acetate/expandable graphite composites. Sun, Zhidan; Ma, Yonghong; Xu, Yang; Chen, Xiaolang; Chen, Man; Yu, Jie; Hu, Shuchun; Zhang, Zhibin Report May 1, 2014 4462
Improving thermal and flame-retardant properties of epoxy resins by a novel reactive phosphorous-containing curing agent. Xie, Cong; Zeng, Birong; Gao, Hui; Xu, Yiting; Luo, Weiang; Liu, Xinyu; Dai, Lizong Report May 1, 2014 4351
Protein found in milk may be a nontoxic flame retardant. Mole, Beth Brief article Apr 19, 2014 134
Crystallographic analysis and mimicking of estradiol binding: Pedersen et al. respond. Pedersen, Lars C.; Birnbaum, Linda S.; Gosavi, Rajendrakumar A.; Knudsen, Gabriel A. Apr 1, 2014 637
Synergistic flame retardant effects of ammonium polyphosphate in ethylene-vinyl acetate/layered double hydroxides composites. Report Apr 1, 2014 5693
Flame retardant bump cap. Apr 1, 2014 131
Update on Flame Retardant Textiles: State of the Art, Environmental Issues and Innovative Solutions. Book review Apr 1, 2014 148
Market report: plastics light the touchpaper for flame retardant growth. Apr 1, 2014 318
Clariant develops flame retardant additives for transport and construction. Apr 1, 2014 170
Impaired lipid and glucose homeostasis in hexabromocyclododecane-exposed mice fed a high-fat diet. Yanagisawa, Rie; Koike, Eiko; Win-Shwe, Tin-Tin; Yamamoto, Megumi; Takano, Hirohisa Report Mar 1, 2014 6404
Never Get Burned: Ceresana Publishes New Market Report on Flame Retardants. Mar 1, 2014 766
Across the country: what's happening in environmental health. Mar 1, 2014 1228
New california furniture flammability standard takes effect: PLus, miscellaneous tariff bill update,. Franken, Jessica Feb 1, 2014 1270
Supply of (a) tin plated copper filament wire, flexible, fire retardant & thermal rubber insulated No. 206 - 2013, (b) accessories for German brakes & (c) tin plated copper filament wire, flexible, fire retardant & thermal rubber insulated No. 206 - 2014. Jan 23, 2014 158
Advances in instrumental analysis of brominated flame retardants: current status and future perspectives. Abdallah, Mohamed Abou-Elwafa Report Jan 1, 2014 14885
Effect of magnesium borates on the fire-retarding properties of zinc borates. Kipcak, Azmi Seyhun; Acarali, Nil Baran; Derun, Emek Moroydor; Tugrul, Nurcan; Piskin, Sabriye Report Jan 1, 2014 7602
Fire propagation performance of intumescent fire protective coatings using eggshells as a novel biofiller. Yew, M.C.; Sulong, N.H. Ramli; Yew, M.K.; Amalina, M.A.; Johan, M.R. Report Jan 1, 2014 5128
Preparation of flame retardant modified with titanate for asphalt binder. Li, Bo; Liu, Jianxun; Han, Feng; Li, Xiaoling; Li, Liangying; Li, Yanbo; Duan, Xiaofeng Jan 1, 2014 4458

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