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Flake discharger could 'prop-up' sales for genesis.

Cheshire-based machinery supplier, Genesis Process Solutions Ltd, has launched a new product specifically designed to discharge flake and regrind from silos and hoppers.

Genesis says 'Prop-Flow' is an answer to the industry's requirements for better handling systems for recycled and reclaimed material. "Flake and regrind material are both very abrasive and in most cases, poor flowing. While the products can be conveyed, they don't flow well from hoppers and silos due to the nature of the product wanting to interlace and interlock together," explained Genesis' Phil Cameron.

The Prop-Flow works on the principle of a flat bottomed discharger that uses a rotating blade--similar to that of a propeller--to move the material to an outlet while keeping the other material around it moving at the same time. The propeller causes a positive product displacement whilst the cone prevents any bridging in the centre of the Prop-Flow where there would normally be a dead spot.

The range consists of four sizes starting from 600mm diameter, going up to a 1,200mm diameter unit for larger silos. All Prop-Flow dischargers are fitted with high torque motors to cope with the pressure of the material sitting above the unit and have the option of inverter control. The 600mm diameter unit comes with a single, 200mm diameter outlet and the larger units can have larger outlet diameters and multiple outlets.

The Prop-Flow range is available in both painted mild steel and stainless steel and can be retrofitted to existing hoppers and silos as well as new installations.

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Comment:Flake discharger could 'prop-up' sales for genesis.(MATERIALS HANDLING: NEWS)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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