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Flag-flying trellis and fence create a private entry court.

Flag-flying trellis and fence create a private entry court

Providing privacy and flair, this entrycourt turns a side yard into a sunny spot for outdoor entertaining. The yard's southern exposure made it a logical outdoor gathering spot, but without its 5-foot-high fence, it was open to a long driveway--and neighbors' views.

Now, guests enter the court from one endand walk to the front door on a salted concrete patio. To the right, a narrow 8-foot-high trellis runs 18 feet along the fence. To add color and surprise in the 25-foot-wide court, the owners fly U.S., California, and Greek flags--and different decorative ones for appropriate holidays. Flagpoles angle up from standards secured to the trellis's top.

Rather than shading people, the trellismainly displays plants. Its 18-inch-high, 33 1/2-inch-wide bench holds large containers of annuals and perennials. Pots hanging from the overhead framework fill in some of the structure's empty spaces.

The trellis and courtyard were designedby architect Park Miller and Mehus Construction of Los Gatos, California. The owners are Janet and Tim Sandis of Los Altos Hills.

Photo: Sitting sideways on lot,courtyard and house are now screened from driveway by fence of offset 1-by-10s (left). Inside fence and edging patio (below), slender trellis with shelf for container plants becomes a focal point. The trellis was stained to match the fence

Photo: Bell-like curves detail lower partof paired 2-by-10s and 2-by-6s. Square top details were cut to echo jutting ends of topmost 2-by-2s
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Date:May 1, 1987
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