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Fixing to plasterboard or lath-and-plaster; step by step guide to..

Many of you write to me asking how to fix things to plasterboard walls - from flatscreen TVs to the humble shelf.

It is vital to use the right hollow wall fixing to suit the size and weight of the object being hung.

There are two ways to fix to internal stud partitions or hollow walls. The first is to find the timber stud that forms the frame and screw through the plasterboard into the timber frame - between 400mm-600mm centres.

However the timber studs are not always at convenient spaces and that's when you need to use hollow wall fixings for support.

1 Measuring the position of the fixing is very important - too many holes in the wrong place will weaken the board. Once you have decided on your position, drill a small pilot hole into the plasterboard.

2 A screw-in fixing or redidrive is simplest to use. You may not have to drill a pilot hole as the tip of the fixing will make its own hole.

Place the screw-in fixing on to the drill bit and screw into plasterboard.

3 Use a slow drill speed to avoid the fixing spinning in the hole once the head of the fixing sits flush with the plasterboard. When the fixing is fully inserted, simply insert the screw and fix your object to the wall.

4 To fix medium/ heavyweight objects, use Hollow Wall Anchors which come with their own screws. The fixing grips both sides of the plasterboard. The only problem is once fixed they can't be removed unless punched through.

Drill a hole for the anchor fixing to pass through - a 8mm diameter bit will do the job for a standard anchor fixing but make sure the bit suits the diameter of the fixing.

5 Next, pop the hollow wall anchor fixing through the hole.

Ensure the spikes on the head of the fixing grip go into the plasterboard, then tighten the screw to open up the legs until they grip the back of the plasterboard.

Take the screw out and re-fix your object to the wall.

6 Another strong fixing for plasterboard and lathand-plaster is the spring toggle. A larger hole must be drilled in order for the toggle to be passed through. Once the screw has been passed through the fixture/object the toggle can then be inserted into the hole.

7 Next, pul1ty.

NEXT WEEK: Fixing to solid walls Here's what you'll need.. Tools

Tape measure Spirit level Pencil Drill/driver Masonry drill bit Flat bit


Redidrive/screw-in fixing Hollow wall anchor Spring toggle


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Date:Apr 6, 2008
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