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Fixing system must prioritize property taxes.

Fixing system must prioritize property taxes

The way that we fund vital services in Illinois is fundamentally broken.

Illinois' tax system relies too much on property taxes to fund education, law enforcement, fire protection and infrastructure maintenance.

This unfair system has contributed to population loss, growing income inequality and a looming sense of insecurity for so many of our neighbors.

No one should face the prospect of losing their own home simply because elected officials fail to reform a system that everyone knows is broken.

Recently, the General Assembly has been considering proposals to replace Illinois' flat income tax with a graduated tax structure.

We know that abandoning the flat tax which unfairly taxes teachers, nurses and small business owners at the same rate as billionaires can be a more fiscally responsible way to fund vital services. Hawaii, for example, utilizes a graduated income tax and also has the lowest property taxes out of any state in the country.

I am glad Gov. Pritzker understands the urgency of reforming our unfair tax system and the negative impact of out-of-control property taxes on our community.

Fixing Illinois' broken tax system is a critically important task that can get our state on firm financial footing. It is vital that we get this right. Families must be able to plan their futures with confidence that the days of unfair, annual property tax increases are coming to an end. I am determined to make that future a reality.

My generation inherited a structural budget deficit in Illinois and it is our responsibility to ensure we do not pass fiscally irresponsible policies on to the next generation.

As the House of Representatives considers proposals to craft a fair and equitable tax structure for all Illinoisans, an integral component is a path forward that will result in real, sustained property tax relief.

State Rep. Dan Didech

Buffalo Grove

Columnist doesn't just toe the line

I take issue with the recent writer to the Daily Herald who claims Walter Williams is prejudiced against his own race, belittles the dim history of race relations, shuns the urgent call for social justice and writes brazenly ignorant op-eds. The writer goes on to complain that Mr. Williams doesn't protest police shootings or the shocking rise in hate crimes against minorities. Mr. Williams does none of those things. He simply presents a different perspective and point of view, that's all.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

I happen to appreciate someone who doesn't toe the political correctness line, and helps the reader think about different sides of an issue. I'm on his side.

Bill Palarz

Hoffman Estates

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Date:May 14, 2019
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