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Fix your own appliances.

YOU can save yourself hundreds of pounds in hefty call-out charges and bills by tackling simple appliance repair jobs yourself.

Before you start check out extra tips and how-to guides at websites and Here are ten easy fixes to try... SAFETY FIRST: Remember to leave gas appliances to Gas Certified engineers - it's the law. Most fridge and freezer jobs need an expert, too. And take extra care with electrical items, making sure they are unplugged first.

1. REPLACE OVEN LIGHT BULB: Unscrew the lamp cover, unscrew the bulb and fit the replacement (available at most DIY stores or online). DIFFICULTY RATING: 1/5 2. FRIDGE OR FREEZER DOOR SEAL: If your fridge or freezer door is frosting up and not closing properly, you probably need a new seal. Buy a replacement, pull or cut the old one off then press the new seal firmly into the groove around the door. DIFFICULTY RATING: 2/5 3. OVEN ELEMENT: This is the most commonlyreplaced part in an electric oven and easy to do. Switch off and unplug the oven and take the back plate off. Take a photograph of how the wires fit into the old element then remove it and wire in the replacement using your photo as a guide. DIFFICULTY RATING: 2/5 4. WASHING MACHINE DOOR SEAL: If your machine is leaking from the front during a wash cycle, the most likely cause is a damaged seal. This is a fiddly and time-consuming job that involves taking the front off the machine. But once you've got to the seal itself it's not too hard to replace. DIFFICULTY RATING: 3/5 5. VACUUM CLEANER BELT: If the brush-roll on your cleaner does not turn, the belt has probably come off. Buy a replacement then search the web for "how to replace a vacuum cleaner belt". You will find online videos to guide you through the job. DIFFICULTY RATING: 3/5 6. MICROWAVE WAVE GUIDE COVER: If you notice sparks when your microwave is in use, the wave guide cover probably needs replacing. Order a replacement online then follow the instructions included. For most models you just have to undo one screw to replace it. DIFFICULTY RATING: 2/5 7. DISHWASHER BASKET WHEELS: If the basket does not glide smoothly out of the machine, the wheels probably need replacing. Just pull the old ones off and snap replacements into place. DIFFICULTY RATING: 1/5 8. DISHWASHER DOOR LOCK: If your dishwasher door does not lock the machine will not work. You will need to unscrew the front plate but the locking mechanism itself should just click into place. DIFFICULTY RATING: 3/5 9. WASHING MACHINE DRUM LIFTER: If your clothes are not washing properly it might be that your drum lifters - plastic paddles along the sides of the drum - need replacing. To remove them you press down a tab holding them in place then slide in the replacements. DIFFICULTY RATING: 2/5 10. TUMBLE DRYER DRIVE BELT: If the belt has snapped, the drum will not turn when the motor is spinning. You have to dismantle quite a lot of the machine to get to the belt but if you have time and patience this is a tricky but do-able repair. DIFFICULTY RATING: 4/5


Take a snapshot of wiring before you take it apart
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 27, 2011
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