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Fix flooding, not foreign aid; Letters.

THROUGHOUT the land and mainly in the West Country, there is no let-up in the misery and destruction caused by severe flooding.

Vast swathes of countryside being submerged, homes flooded, businesses lost and crops decimated are all that the besieged population have endured, with more to come.

It is about time that the government poured vastly more money into tackling the misery of our own flood victims nationwide.

The Environment Agency has declared that there is not enough money available to install flood defences everywhere, and they cannot tackle both rural and urban catastrophies - it must be one or the other. Not both!

No money? What about foreign aid? For too long now, Cameron has been publicly crowing about Britain being the second biggest donor worldwide to developing countries. Further, Foreign Secretary Hague states that so far over PS600million has been poured into Syria to help the people there. Our government can throw taxpayers' money about like confetti in foreign aid, while back home decimation, destruction and ongoing misery are the order of the day because there is supposedly not enough money available.

Come on Cameron - forego the sacred cow of foreign aid and cut it out in no uncertain terms. The billions of pounds thus saved can then be ploughed back to where it belongs - alleviating the suffering of your own people in your own country.

Mick Cole, The Square, Kenilworth.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 19, 2014
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