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Fix cargo shell latch plate failure.

If your M1151, M1151A1, M1151A1W/B1, and M1167 HMMWVs have failing cargo shell forward latch plate assemblies, you might be a little frustrated. Here's what you can do to prevent the failures and ease the frustration.

If your HMMWVs hatch doesn't dose smoothly during PMCSH tell your mechanic. And make sure you're opening and closing it the right way.

Also, ensure the forward latches are fully engaged with the forward strikers before opening the cargo door from the rear position. That should help protect the cargo shell forward latch plate assembly.

But if you do all that and there's still a problem, your HMMWVs cargo shell forward latch plate assembly may have failed.

You can't find replacement procedures in the TM yet, but you can get them from TACOM LCMC. Just send your unit information and request to:


Program Manager, Light Tactical Vehicles (PM-LTV)


Warren, Ml 48397-5000

Questions? Contact Oscar Chapman at DSN 786-6510, (586)282-6510, or

and Nathaniel Zachary at DSN 786-4305, (586)282-4305, or

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