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Fix a sagging self-closing door.

We get a lot of reader letters asking how to fix a door that closes by itself. We'll show you a couple of fixes that carpenters have been using for years that just might do the trick. These tips work only if a door slowly "creeps" closed. If it swings freely, the door or wall is out of plumb and will require more-draconian fixes, which we won't cover here.

Check the gap at the top of the door. If it's wider at the doorknob side, remove the center screw at the top hinge and replace it with a 3-in. screw (Photo 1). The screw will pull the jamb and door tighter to the framing and hopefully fix the problem.

If the door still creeps closed (but less so), go to the "Kleenex box" shimming technique (Photo 2). Put one shim behind the middle hinge and two shims behind the bottom hinge.



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