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Five of the best...; BIZARRE BOXING MOMENTS.

1. Mills Lane knocks out Bernard Hopkins (August 28, 1998): HOPKINS, one of the world's great middleweight champions and the fighter Joe Calzaghe has been pursuing for years, was once knocked out by a 60-year-old! It happened when referee Mills Lane jumped in to separate him from opponent Robert Allen when they were stuck in a clinch on the ropes. Lane pushed Hopkins back , he tripped and fell through the ropes, hurt his ankle and couldn't continue. The fight was ruled a no contest, though Hopkins won the rematch convincingly.

2. No Mas! (November 25, 1980): THIS phrase has gone down in boxing history after being uttered by the great 'Hands of Stone' Roberto Duran in the eighth round of his re-match with Sugar Ray Leonard. Duran had beaten Leonard earlier in the year in a brilliant 15-round WBC welterweight contest which he had turned into a brawl. In the second fight Leonard decided to stay out of the way and dance around the ring. He was clearly frustrating Duran but no-one could have expected the Panamanian fighter, who wasn't hurt, to turn away and whisper 'No Mas [no more]' to the referee, who had no option but to stop the fight. There has never been a satisfactory explanation for the weird outcome, though there was a suggestion that stomach cramps forced Duran to quit.

3. The Phantom punch (May 25, 1965): THIS has to go down as the most talked-about finish in boxing history. Muhammad Ali, the brilliant youngster who shocked the world with victory over Sonny Liston, agreed to a rematch. The fight had barely started when Ali, backing away, appeared to throw a harmless right in Liston's direction. The audience could hardly believe their eyes when Liston hit the deck and failed to recover. Ali always claimed it was the speed of the punch that stunned his opponent, though murkier scenarios have been voiced.

4. The Fan Man (6th November, 1993): RIDDICK BOWE and Evander Holyfield were going head to head in a world heavyweight title fight when an unexpected visitor paraglided down to ringside, almost landing on the lap of Senator Jessie Jackson's wife! His mode of transport, which looked like a giant fan attached to his back, gave him the nickname The Fan Man. The fight was held up for 21 minutes and The Fan Man went on to drop in on another famous landmark: Buckingham Palace!

5. Mum's the last word (September 9, 1989): A BIRMINGHAM fighter, Tony Wilson, looked to be heading for defeat against Steve McCarthy when he was knocked down and then pummelled on the ropes. The referee stepped in and appeared to be about to award the fight to McCarthy when Wilson's mum Milna entered the Southampton ring and started smashing her son's opponent on the head with a stiletto shoe! Shocked by the incident, McCarthy refused to continue and the fight was awarded to Wilson on a technical knockout.
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Date:Jun 29, 2003
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