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Five miles of underground bunker for sale.

The ultimate property for anyone trying to avoid the threat of terrorist attacks came on to the market yesterday - a massive nuclear bunker.

The underground shelter at Drakelow, near Kidderminster, has five miles of tunnels and can survive nuclear, biological and chemical onslaughts.

With special ventilation systems, an operating theatre and male and female dormitories, it would protect up to 150 people.

But safety comes at a price as the bunker, which is being sold by a Swiss company, is expected to cost up to pounds 2 million.

Alex Grimshaw of SKG Equity Partners, agents for the property, said: 'It wouldn't take a direct nuclear hit, but apart from that it is totally secure.'

Mr Grimwade, head of special projects at the London-based financiers, said the bunker covers 285,000 sq ft.

Many of its tunnels are wide enough for vehicles to pass through and it features shelter, living accommodation and work facilities for its occupants.

The bunker was built in the 1940s as a back-up factory for Rover for the production of aircraft engines.

It was in use until the end of the Second World War and some of the original production targets boards are still in place.

In the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, the bunker was refurbished and designated a Regional Seat of Government.

It was further revamped in the 1980s to fully defend against nuclear attack.

Mr Grimwade said SKG was expecting a commercial buyer for the property, which comes with potential development land above ground.

'There is potential for the bunker to be bought by banks or financial institutions to provide safe storage for documents.

'With over five miles of tunnels, several different projects could feasibly co-exist.'

The bunker's sophisticated ventilation system would keep out biological agents like anthrax, Mr Grimwade said.

'Although it isn't sealed as such, the ventilators are still working and have a positive pressure system.'
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 19, 2001
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