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Five answers away from a million; Post statistician Randall back in hot seat tonight.

Byline: David yates

RACING Post journalist John Randall returns on tonight's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?-only five correct answers away from the pounds 1 million jackpot, with pounds 32,000 already banked and all his lifelines intact, writes David Yates.

Viewers of the ITV programme on Saturday evening will have seen the For The Record columnist and statistician answer 10 questions to get to the pounds 32,000 mark-a sum which is safe, whatever his fate on this evening's show.

Randall, a walking encyclopaedia with an insatiable appetite for odd facts, was more nervous about being caught out early on than during the later rounds of the quiz.

"I wouldn't have had a clue about questions on pop culture like boy bands or Coronation Street, so I was very lucky to evade that type of question," he said.

"The most awkward question was probably for pounds 2,000-what is the American name for women's thin nylon tights? That was the only one I had to think about, but it crops up regularly in American films noirs, so I came up with `pantyhose' after about five seconds.

"To a film buff like me, the pounds 32,000 question about the musical High Society being a remake of which classic film of the 1930s was easy-peasy." The answer was The Philadelphia Story.

Randall, who made 150 calls to the show's premium-rate phone line in order to increase his chances of being selected, and then faced a preliminary question about the distance of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, made it into the hot seat by beating seven rivals in the third fastest-finger round of the programme by placing four properties on a Monopoly board in ascending order of value.

Incredibly, he had chosen exactly that subject for revision the evening before filming took place last Tuesday.

"They'd had a question about the value of Scrabble letters a fortnight before, so I thought they might ask about Monopoly, and wrote down the values from memory on Monday night," added Randall.


Chance in a million: John Randall with the quiz show's host Chris Tarrant
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Nov 27, 2000
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