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Five Summer Tips About Cancer: The Dog Cancer blog discusses summer exposure.

1 Burnt meat is known to have carcinogens. Toss those blackened, charred edges off your steak.

2 Avoid letting your dog come in contact with any lawn-care chemicals. Follow instructions for pets carefully or, better yet, avoid these chemicals altogether.

3 Check with parks and municipal areas where you walk your dog to know what chemicals they use (if any) and ask to be notified of their spraying schedule.

4 The same cautions go for sprays used over bodies of water, especially late in the summer for mosquito control. Most towns do announce their spraying schedules and give petcare cautions.

5 If you live in an area where air quality can be a problem, consider getting a topnotch air filter for your home. Both you and your dog will benefit.

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Title Annotation:5 THINGS
Publication:Dog Watch
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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