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Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The essential Fitzgerald: "Bernice bobs her hair.".

FITZGERALD, F. Scott. The essential Fitzgerald: "Bernice bobs her hair." Read by Blythe Danner. 1 cd. 1 hour. Harper, Caedmon. 2006. 0-06115354-0. $12.95. Cardboard; content notes. JSA

Fitzgerald has an exceptional ability to expose the base metal beneath society's gilded veneer. Here, he reveals the cruelty of young adults in a memorable coming-of-age story with which teens can identify. Beautiful and popular 18-year-old Margery is saddled with her pretty but boring provincial cousin for the entire summer party season. Marjorie resents having her style cramped and determines that the best way to save herself from potential social alienation is by making Bernice over. The tractable Bernice is so quick a study, however, that the plan backfires, and Margery's most persistent beau, Warren--never more important to Margery than after his attention begins to wane--shows all the signs of switching his allegiance. The crafty Margery manipulates matters to get her own back, but she also gets exactly what she deserves. Danner's mannered, high-toned delivery is most appropriate for the society set. She doesn't differentiate the characters, nor does she telegraph the story's startling ending, but her interpretation is both sensitive and subtle. Listeners will relish Bernice's ultimate triumph. A fine introduction to the author's work. Francine Levitov, Attorney, New York, NY

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Author:Levitov, Francine
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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