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Fitness buffs go to the limit in Test of Will.

Almost 400 fitness enthusiasts are taking the challenge in the third edition of Under Armour's 'Test of Will' Urban Fitness Challenge currently ongoing at the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.

The participants push themselves to the limit in an intense four-minute circuit challenge consisting of over-and-under hurdle, Deadball Squats, Kettlebell Farmer Walks and Bear Crawls, willing themselves to perform as many reps as they can within the 60 seconds allotted for each exercise.

For two days until today, Pinoy buffs in the 18-34, 35-44, and 45 and above age categories try to outdo themselves in the gruelling exercises, where they earn points for every rep. The male and female with the most points will claim the overall titles and the champions prize of P50,000.

The event opened yesterday with the brand's celebrity ambassadors Derek Ramsay and Kylie Versoza on hand to get a taste of the action.

According to Yvone Tey, marketing director of Under Armour Sports Southeast Asia Triple Pte. Ltd., the two-day challenge is designed to provide a platform for everyday athletes to showcase their fitness skills and test their willpower.

'We felt there wasn't a training activity that's both challenging and at the same time catering to the masses,' Tey said in a press briefing, where she was joined by Mark Chan, president of Athletes Pro Group, Inc., the local distributor of Under Armour, and Warren Sy, managing partner of APGI.

'What's good about this is you don't have to be super athletic to do it, any layman can actually do it. In fact, last year, we had two blind people who participated in Manila and recently in Malaysia, there's a person in a wheelchair who did it,' added Tey.

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Publication:Philippines Star (Manila, Philippines)
Date:Jun 24, 2018
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