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Power Pacing for Indoor Cycling (Human Kinetics, $15.95) offers a step-by-step explanation of one of today's hottest fitness trends--indoor cycling. The book features 13 workouts and 30 drills that vary by goals and intensity, including 112 photos that show correct technique for body positions, drill movements and weight training exercises. Discussions of training zones, maximum heart rates and individual goals are also included. The book also includes discussions on the mental aspects of indoor cycling, such as relaxation, breathing, visualization and goal setting. And if indoor cycling isn't your thing, the lessons learned in Power Pacing can be taken to the road. For more information, contact Human Kinetics at (800) 747-4457.

Exude Fitness

If the shape of a woman's body bears a distinct resemblance to a spoon, Edward Jackowski, CEO of Exude, Inc., recommends she stay away from stair climbers and step classes and concentrate on the stationary bike, treadmill and ski machine instead.

Jackowski categorizes the human body into four types-Hourglass[R], Cone[R], Spoon[R] and Ruler[R]. He recommends exercise programs accordingly, incorporating the five components of fitness: flexibility, muscle endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular efficiency and body composition. His programs reportedly reduce problem areas in as little as two weeks and claim to improve overall athleticism, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, agility and balance.

Exude's Fitness and Body Type Center is located in mid-town Manhattan, New York. One-on-one training is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida and California. For those located elsewhere, a customized fitness program can be designed over the phone.

For more information on Exude, call (800) 24-EXUDE or visit their Web site at

Body Type & Aerobic Fitness Equipment Chart
                            Spoon[R]              Hourglass[R]

Stationary                    (*)                     (a)
Bike                       Use light               Use light
                          tension/high            tension/high
                             RPM's,                  RPM's.
Treadmill                     (*)                     (*)
                       Fast walking with    Fast walking or running
                         no incline is      with no incline is Okay.
                        Okay. Never use      Never use an incline.
                          an incline.
Stair Climbers                 NR                      NR
Rower                         (a)                     (*)
Ski Machine                   (*)                     (*)
                       Fast walking with       Fast walking with
                         no incline is           no incline is
                        Okay. Never use         Okay. Never use
                          an incline.             an incline.
Aerobice Riders               (*)                     (*)
(ie: HealthRider[R])       Use light               Use light
                          resistance,             resistance,
Jump Rope                     (a)                     (a)
Step                           NR                      NR

                            Ruler[R]                Cone[R]

Stationary                    (a)                     (a)
Treadmill                     (*)                     (*)
                       Use an incline to       Use an incline to
                          walk or run.            walk or run.
Stair Climbers                (a)                     (a)
Rower                         (a)                     (*)
Ski Machine                   (*)                     (*)
                       Use resistance for   Use high resistance for
                        upper and lower        lower body, light
                             body.            resistance for upper
Aerobice Riders               (a)                     (*)
(ie: HealthRider[R])                               Use light
Jump Rope                     (*)                     (*)
Step                          (a)                     (*)

NR = Nor recommended for this body type

(a) = Yes

(*) = Yes, with specific instructions

Please note: If you are planning to buy a piece of computerized fitness equipment, make sure that you have a service contract along with your warranty. [C] 1996 Edward J. Jackowski, Jr.3
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