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Fit for fifty problem-free years.

Permanent stress is on the agenda for the isolation housings mounted here by a Siemens technician for a series of experiments in the Siemens high voltage plant in Berlin (Germany). Connected to a high voltage electrode, more than 100 isolation kits go into a testing container. Here they will be exposed to voltages of up to 500,000 volts for months at a time in long-term experiments. The goal is to test their resistance under extreme conditions. Such tests ensure an extraordinary standard of quality: within fifty years, only one in 10,000 isolation kits produced in the Siemens' Berlin plant is expected to break down. Isolators serve as carriers and supporters for high voltage equipment, distributing and monitoring electrical power on its way from the power plant to the customer. Siemens produces such equipment as well as equipment for transferring voltages of up to 800 kilovolt, and for a variety of other applications in its plant in Berlin, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.
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Title Annotation:New Products; isolation kits
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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