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Fisheries; management, economics and perspectives.


Fisheries; management, economics and perspectives.

Ed. by Nelson F. McManus and David S. Bellinghouse.

Nova Science Publishers


529 pages




Fisheries are defined as an area where fish or other water creatures are harvested for commercial, recreational, or subsistence value; they can be marine or aquatic, wild or farmed, but most are aquatic, wild, and near a coast where the upwelling current provides nutrients. Researchers in academic or industrial settings summarize scientific and business research into managing fisheries, or report the results of their own experimentation in the field or laboratory. The topics include main causes and consequences of the decline of diadromous fish in western European inland waters, the final report on the economic valuation of water hyacinth as an environmental problem on Uganda's fresh-water resources and its effects on key economic activities, the artisanal fleet of Andalusia in Spain as a case study of occupational safety policies in the small-scale fishing sector, the effects of thermal processing on the quality of canned fish, a preliminary study of elasmobranch by-catch in pelagic pair trawl in the Adriatic, complex system tools for a complex ecosystem, and the development of monoclonal antibodies to combat fish misdescription and fraud.

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