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Fisher '95 home audio line's multi-disc CD changer.

CHATSWORTH, Cal.--Fisher Audio has unveiled its home audio line for 1995 that includes the Studio 60 multiple-disc CD changer.

The Studio 60 features a vertical-format carousel design and advanced audio features, including a shutle remote control and optical digital outputs.

The changer can hold in memory up to 60 user-programmed categories or subcategories, which are automatically alphabetized. The unit also features 48-step track programming, repeat play, intro scan and a random-play option.

Fisher's Studio 60 has a suggested retail price of $499.95 and will ship this April. Fisher is also offering a 60-disc CD management system and a separate tuner and Dolby Pro Logic amplifier with its new audio model 9535 and audio/video model 9535-AV component systems.

Both new systems include a separate Dolby Pro Logic amplifier, an AM/FM digital tuner with 40 random presets, a dual cassette deck with auto reverse, a Studio 60 CD management system, a A-V remote control and five speakers to create a Dolby Pro Logic home theater system.

System model 9535 is available with a light oak or black cabinet, and system model 9535 AV includes a light oak cabinet with a unified A-V rack that can accommodate a 25- to 27-inch TV and VCR (not included).

The Dolby Pro Logic amplifier supplies 110 watts of music power to the right and left three-way bass reflex speakers with 8-inch woofers, 3-inch midrange and 2-inch tweeters. Completing Fisher's Pro Logic surround sound system is a two-way center channel speaker and two full-range rear surround speakers.

Fisher model 9535 has a suggested retail price of $1,299.95; model 9535 A-V has a $1499.95 suggested retail.

At the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Fisher displayed its new Studio 24 CD management system, model DAC-2415, with a suggested retail price of $499.95. It has a vertical-carousel design and features a 24-CD storage capacity.

Fisher also displayed two new double-cassette audio tape decks, Models CR-W983 and CR-W685. Both decks feature a Dolby B noise reduction system, auto reverse, synchronized high-speed dubbing, sequential play and an automatic tape selector.

Model CR-W985 offers step-up features of full electronic controls, double auto reverse and Dobly B, C and HX Pro headroom extension. Suggested retail prices are $99.95 for model CR-W983 and $149.95 for model CR-W985.

Fisher has added two "Midi" shelf systems, models DCS-5024 and DCS-5060. Both systems include an amplifier with motor-driven volume, bass and treble controls; a 36-preset AM/FM stereo tuner; a manual CD management system, and a dual cassette tape player single auto reverse and Dolby B noise reduction system.

Model DCS-5024 supplies 30 watts per channel to the two-way bass reflex speaker system with 8-inch woofers. It will be available in February with a suggested retail price of $599.95. Model DCS-5060 features 50 watts per channel, a three-way bass reflex system with 8-inch woofers and auto-reset circuit breakers, and auto-assist eject for the 60-disc CD changer. Suggested retail price is $699.95 and it is available in March.

In the mini shelf system category, Fisher will ship three new models this year, one with a single CD player and two with front-loading three-disc CD changers. Alln three systems will be available in April.

Model DCS-M17 features a center section with a 20-watt amplifier, 32 random preset AM/FM tuner, CD and double cassette players that are controlled by a 24-key remote. It has a suggested retail price of $299.95. The CD features one-bit digital-to-analog converters, 24-track programming and a fluorescent display.
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Title Annotation:Sanyo Fisher Electric Company Ltd. Western Region introduces Studio 60 multiple-disc CD changer
Author:McConville, James A.
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Feb 13, 1995
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