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Fish prices decline sharply in Cebu City-PSA report.

Selected fish species sold in Cebu City recorded the steepest drop in prices in the second week of January, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

In its latest report, the PSA noted that the price of alumahan fell by P220 per kilogram (kg) in Cebu City. The price of bangus sold in Cebu also declined by P80 per kg.

'The price of alumahan per kg was higher by P40 in Butuan City and by P10 in Cabanatuan City, Tacloban City and Cotabato City. Price fell by P220 in Cebu City, by P40 in Zamboanga City and by P2.50 in the National Capital Region [NCR],' the

PSA report read.

'Price increment of P10 per kg of bangus was noticed in Batangas City and Cotabato City. On the contrary, the price dropped by P80 in Cebu City, by P20 in Zamboanga City and Butuan City and by P10 in Baguio City and Cabanatuan City,' it added.

The PSA also noted varied price movements for indicator vegetables, such as ampalaya, carrots and eggplant, in selected regional centers.

For ampalaya, the PSA noted that price increases ranged from P10 to P40 per kg in seven regional centers. Price cuts of P10 and P20 per kg of cabbage were noted in six regional centers, the PSA said.

'The price of a kilogram of carrots rose by P20 in Butuan City. Meanwhile, prices were reduced from P10 to P30 in 11 regional centers. Price markups for eggplant ranging from P10 to P30 per kg were posted in 10 regional centers,' the PSA report read.

Data from the PSA showed the price per kg of habichuelas went up by P20 in Butuan City and by P10 in Cebu City. In contrast, habichuelas was cheaper by P40 per kg in Batangas City, by P20 in Iloilo City and by P10 in Tuguegarao City.

'A kilogram of pechay native went up by P20 in Naga City; by P10 in Batangas City and Butuan City; and by P5 in Zamboanga City. It was, however, priced lower by P40 in Iloilo City and by P5 in NCR and Tuguegarao City,' the report read.

As for meat products, the PSA noted upward price adjustments for poultry meat and beef in selected trading centers.

'In Cagayan de Oro City price for beef lean meat moved up by P10 per kg. Compared to previous week's levels, a kilogram of dressed chicken during the week went up by P15 in Cotabato City and by P3 in Cagayan de Oro City. Meanwhile, it went down by P10 in NCR,' the report read.

The PSA said selected regional centers exhibited varying price adjustments in fruits. For instance, the price of banana sold in Cotabato City rose by P1 per kg, but it was cheaper by P5 in Kidapawan City.

'Price markup of P10 per kg of calamansi was registered in Zamboanga City. Meanwhile, it dropped by P10 in both Batangas City and Cotabato City. The price per kg of mango gained by P10, P20 and P30 in five regional centers. However, it went down by P20, P30 and P50 in another five regional centers,' the PSA report read.

As for milled rice, the PSA said few trading centers exhibited price changes during the second week of January.

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Date:Jan 23, 2018
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