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Fish dumped at aquarium.

An intruder has baffled staff at an aquarium - by leaving an extra fish in one of its tanks.

Someone forced open the back door of the shop in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and left the large tropical fish, which is believed to be a pacu, in a tank, but stole nothing.

The pacu - the species is a vegetarian cousin of the piranha - is so big that it cannot turn round in the tank properly.

Mr Mark Pearson, who works at the aquarium, said the pacu was showing no signs of illness since it was left on Friday, despite the shortage of space.

An adult pacu can weigh 30lb and grow up to four feet in length. Many unsuspecting fish-lovers buy the creatures when they are young and quite small, then end up with a giant fish.
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Title Annotation:National
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 29, 2000
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