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Fish causes flap for breeding pair.

A PAIR of ospreys nesting in Wales almost knocked their own chicks out of their nest when they brought a large, live slippery fish to feed them.

In a stunning piece of wildlife footage, the unfortunate mullet that had been plucked fresh out of the nearby Dyfi estuary, near Machynlleth, was lifted high up to the ospreys' perched nest.

But it was thrashing about so much that it became a threat to the helpless chicks that it was meant to feed.

It was quite an achievement for BBC Springwatch star Monty to fly with the heavy mullet struggling to get free from his claws.

And when he had landed his family's gourmet feast he must have wondered if it was a wise move when the fish turned out to be such a fighter.

The mullet tried to escape the ravenous beaks of his captors by violently flipping his tail and body in an effort to propel himself from the nest.

But as he did so he knocked the three defenceless chicks, although his attempts proved to be futile and the ospreys later shared their fish supper.

Monty and his partner, Glesni, arrived back from migration to the Dyfi Osprey Project this spring and Glesni laid her eggs exactly 37 days later.


The thrashing mullet in the nest of ospreys Monty and Glesni Dyfi Osprey Project

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 17, 2015
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