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Fish brews a smoky, infernal beer. (Weekly Specialty Beer Report).

The Fish Brewing Co. of Olympia, Washington, has announced the release of Dante's Infernal Ale, an annual tribute to the wildfires that ravaged the area in 1994.

Dante's will be available in limited supply starting on August 5th in commemoration of the date when forest fires were raging around the town of Leavenworth.

The name for Dante's Infernal Ale was suggested by one local resident, who said that as he gazed out over Icicle Valley, the hills looked like a raging inferno from Hell. This reminded brewery founder Scott Hansen, of 'The Inferno' in The Divine Comedy, in which Dante Alighieri described his tour through the 'seven layers of Hell.'

Hansen and Anchor's Fritz Maytag are thought to be the only American brewers to have actually read this classic of Italian renaissance literature.

Be that as it may, Crayne Horton of Fish says Infernal ale is worthy of its name. "Leavenworth Dante's Infernal Ale is a full bodied and smoky colored seasonal brew," says Crayne Horton of Fish Brewing. "It is brewed with a large portion of roasted and flaked barley for a distinctive smoky character. In addition to the unusual malt profile, Dante's is brewed with a wide variety of hop types for a very complex and assertive hop flavor."

Horton reports that Dante's Infernal Ale is available only for a short time each year and supplies this year are quite limited, "Each year we stop to taste a pint of this delicious brew and toast our local firefighters for their extraordinary efforts," Horton says.
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Title Annotation:Fish Brewing Co. introduces limited Dante's Infernal Ale as tribute to wildfires
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Jun 23, 2003
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