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Fish brewers recall spirit of Dracula. (Weekly Specialty Beer Report).

The Fish Brewing Company of Olympia, WA, has announced the release of Leavenworth Seasonal Nosferatu Red Ale.

"Nosferatu is a full-bodied, English style Strong Ale with a deep red-amber color," said Crayne Horton, v.p. of marketing for Fish Brewing. "This is a very complex ale, with a rich malty flavor and assertive hop character. The particular blend of specialty malts leads to a toasted 'biscuit' flavor with a gentle malt sweetness. On top of this firm malt foundation, several large additions of British style hops are then added throughout the boil. The result is a truly unique beer, with a distinct hop profile, from the crisp bitterness of the first taste, through the fresh hop flavor and aroma of the beer's finish."

Horton said that the numerous seasonals released by Fish have been strong sellers for the brewery. "What can I say, the sales speak for themselves," Horton said. "From the Ingall's ESB during the Spring, the Friesian Pilsener this summer, the Dante's Infernal Ale in August and the current Leavenworth Oktoberfest Bier, we have had one complete success after another. Our only problem has been having enough extra kegs to pour in the Fishbowl Pub."

Horton said that the brewery has readjusted its production schedule to meet demand in a timely fashion. "We are planning better with the Nosferatu Red," he said. "Since our 10th Anniversary of the Leavenworth Brewery is on September 27th, we brewed the Nosferatu a little early so we can feature it with the Oktoberfest Bier at the Fishbowl. If you didn't get a chance to taste the Dante's Infernal Ale, I suggest you make every effort to find the Nosferatu Red on tap when it is released in the second week of October."

Horton reported that brand name Nosferatu was inspired by an infamous Walachian prince known as Viad the Impaler. During the mid 15th Century, Prince Vlad Dracula III was commonly believed to be a Vampire, due to his blood thirsty nature. "Given the blood red color of this ale, and the Halloween season when it is enjoyed, the name Nosferatu Red seemed appropriate," Horton said.
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Title Annotation:Fish Brewing Co., Leavenworth Seasonal Nosferatu Red Ale
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Date:Sep 23, 2002
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