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Fish announces new organic amber ale.

The Fish Brewing Company of Olympia, WA, has announced the timely release of Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale, the first certified organic product from the brewery.

Both the malted barley and hops used in making the ale are certified organic under the guidelines of the Oregon Tilth and the California Organic Foods Act of 1990. The new beer will be released on March 1.

"We feel that going organic is the next logical step for Fish," said Crayne Horton, founder of Fish Brewing Company. "We've made clear commitments in support of wild Pacific salmon recovery and clean water and our move into organics is a natural progression."

Fish Brewing Company donates a portion of the proceeds from sales of its Wild Salmon Pale Ale and Creek Ale to various local and regional organizations working for salmon habitat recovery. In the Autumn of this year, Fish will repackage its India Pale Aleas a "donation-based" ale as well.

Fish calls itself a "regional brewery" but has defined its region in its own idiosyncratic terms.

"As a regional brewery we asked ourselves 'well, which region?'," Horton said. "In embracing the the mystique of our great Pacific Northwest, our hearts could not deny their allegiance to the Republic of Cacadia. We knew we had an idea that we and our fellow Cascadians would be proud to have fun with."

Horton said that each six-pack of Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale will have a customs-style stamp proclaiming "Brewed in the Republic of Cascadia" printed over the art work.

"We're honored to offer our organic ale as the Republic of Cascadia's gift to the world," Horton said. "We believe that it will be a natural choice for Cascadians from Ashland to Bellingham and beyond, or lovers of the Republic of Cascadia, wherever they may live."
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Date:Jan 31, 2000
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