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Fish and another foul from Boris; YOUR VOICE.

Byline: Edited by FIONA PARKER

We'll learn today whether Boris Johnson is our new PM, and most of those who voted for him are no doubt laughing along with his antics.

While his mishaps can be humorous, they can also have serious consequences - for example, for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who is imprisoned in Iran because of his recklessness, and his latest lie about the EU rules on kippers.

In a position of power, he is a calamity ready to happen and he will implode, along with his authority.

Like any entertainer, his audience will eventually desert him, and I think the "clown" will be left to shed a tear with nobody there to support him.

Derek Payne, Stoke-on-Trent

Boris has gone and done it again - shown himself to be a complete fool. It turns out that the Isle of Man kipper, which he said had to be put in a plastic bag with ice because of regulations imposed by the EU, was actually packed this way because of UK rules.

How many more idiotic calamities do we have to suffer before someone has the courage to tell him he is absolutely useless? mities fore o ess? hing orld, n l.

We are already a laughing stock around the world, but this man is on a completely new level.

Keith Bowman Bolsover, Derbys

Great column by Kevin Maguire on the fishy Boris Johnson (Mirror, July 22).

It's a travesty that inept egomaniac is about to appoint the most rightwing government in living w memory just because a handful of Tory Party members voted for him.

For God's sake, when is the electorate going to wake up to the mess this country is in and actually do something about it?

A Morgan, Castleford, West Yorks

Sounds like Mr Johnson is talking load of piffle again. This time about the kipper industry. It also sounds as if he missed his Eton geography lesson on the Isle of Man.

In my neck of the woods, a person called a kipper would be someone without guts. Does Johnson fall into that category, I wonder?

Byron Oldridge Immingham, North Lincs

Boris Johnson has f a i led in his a tt empts to restore Tory fortunes, even before taking up office.

Tory He repeatedly exposes himself as being someone who doesn't check his facts before he opens his mouth - his latest slip-up being his anti-EU jibe about kippers.

He has repeatedly shown himself to be a blunderer, so how can he possibly do a good job of running this country?

Howard Gardner Sale, Gtr Manchester

Boris Johnson is a complete buffoon. He stands on stage waving a smoked fish around and spouting about EU legislation, stating that it has to be packed in ice to send it, when it is in fact our own legislation that requires this.

Minister when he has no idea legislation is, let alone any country's? How ca Prime Mi what our other cou He ha scho nocaMS has played the bumbling schoolboy for so long he has now become one. This idiot couldn't run a race, let alone a country.

Mary Pester Saltash, Cornwall

Once upon a time politicians held up great and noble principles to be followed and emulated.

Rob Halpin, Northfleet, Kent


As Boris Johnson looks set for Number 10, Kevin Maguire says his premiership is doomed before it's started, highlighting his attempted jibe about EU kippers backfiring when it emerged that rules about transporting the smoked fish were, in fact, our own. You say
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2019
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