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Fish Smoking and Drying - the Effect of Smoking and Drying on the Nutritional Properties of Fish.

Fish Smoking and Drying - the Effect of Smoking and Drying on the Nutritional Properties of Fish.

The processes of smoking and drying are probably the oldest methods of preservation that are used by man to preserve food materials. Because the origins of the techniques are lost in the mists of time, it is fairly obvious that chance played a large part in their development rather than any serious experimental endeavour. In more recent times it has been appreciated that both techniques are rather harsh in the way they react with many food materials. With the ever increasing concern as to how we feed the hungry world, the problems of nutrition arise. It is clear that harsh or overtreatment of food materials can have a deleterious effect on the material's nutritious properties.

The editor reminds his readers that a quarter of a century has passed since aspects of this topic have been reviewed and the book has been prepared by an international working group constituted under the joint auspices of the International Union of Food Science and Technology and the International Union of Nutritional Science. The considerations in this text are of particular concern to developing countries who are struggling to improve the overall health of their populations by improved nutrition. Centuries old traditions of preservation of the local crops or harvest can have the effect of considerably denaturing their nutrients. The subject of the book is fish preservation but the techniques are not only used in the tropics. Fish meal is not a major topic for discussion in the pages of this book but storage and related problems are given due consideration.

Over the years the techniques of analysis have been improved but we now have the problem of making sure we are comparing like with like because different techniques have been used in the past. Unusually there is an appendix to chapter 2 but the actual titles of the chapters run: The influence of drying and smoking on the nutritional properties of fish - an introductory overview; Influence of drying and smoking on protein quality; Effects of drying and smoking on lipids of fish; The effect of drying and smoking on the vitamin content of fish; Undesirable factors in dried fish products; Smoking of fish and carcinogens; Processing and storage of traditional dried and smoked fish products; Effect of smoking and drying on the nutritive value of fish - a review of Japanese studies; and Dried and smoked fishery products - preparation and composition. Many references to further reading are included in this text.
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Date:Jul 1, 1989
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