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Fish Quality Control by Computer Vision.

Unlike the meat business, fishing is a very diverse subject. Just think of the number of methods of catching the various species that are used and the different sizes of the species and methods of preparation used. From this observation it is immediately obvious the human factor forms a large part of the 'skill' as far as the assessment of quality is concerned. Now we all know that humans tire rapidly where quality assessment is concerned, whether it be sorting out peas on a belt or gutted fish on a deck, the same problems arise. It could be said that the former is easier - at least it is carried out in a relatively constant temperature!

With fish, the whole process is often carried out in atrocious conditions that are hardly conducive to real quality assessment. Computer vision can now be harnessed to overcome some of these problems. The problem has involved putting together a combination of camera sensors, lighting, mechanical handling, digital processor, algorithms, software and the appropriate user-interfaces. With this in mind, the major applications would seem to be: the quality inspection of fish and products for defects; measurement and sorting by length, weight, species, shape, orientation, etc, for packing, handling, selection, registration and pricing; analysis for cutting, filleting, etc; analysis of dynamic and age-dependent behaviour; and spotting for fish catches.

The structure of this book aims to demonstrate practical solutions to these problem areas and the chapters are entitled: Introduction - computer vision opportunities for the fish industry; Biological and optical properties of fish for vision applications; Lighting and vision techniques; Remote sensing; and Computer vision technology for the fish industry.
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Date:Aug 1, 1992
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