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Fish Catching Methods of the World.

The third and greatly expanded edition of "Fish Catching Methods of the World," by Andres von Brandt, has been published by Fishing News Books Ltd., I Long Garden Walk, Farnham, Surrey, England. It is almost double the size of the original 1964 edition, and the author discusses how fishes can be caught, in the broadest sense. Its 31 chapters review and thoroughly illustrate fish catching methods from stone age techniques to the most modern gear and techniques, although much of it is devoted to an extensive review of essentially small-scale or artisanal fishing methods.

Following a brief introductory chapter, the author relates means of hand gathering fishes; diving techniques of men and women; using various animals such as horses, birds, porpoises, etc., to harvest fish; stupefying fish; fishing with spear, harpoon, arrow, etc.; and the use of clamps, tongs, rakes, and wrenching gear. The author also reviews basic line fishing implements; gear and methods of line fishing; sport fishing gear; fish attraction methods including lures, lights, chemicals, etc.; gaffs, fish harrows, and jigs; natural and artificial shelters; mechanical traps and snares; fish trapping with permanent and temporary barriers, traps, pots, etc.; and catching jumping fish.

Several chapters deal with a wide variety of nets and netting; Scoop nets, trawls and trawling, seines and seining, surround nets, lift nets, cast nets, gillnets, entangling nets, making nets, and much more. Another chapter discusses fishing rituals and religious beliefs and another is presented on fishing systems and harvesting machines. An appendix classifies the various types of fish catching methods, and the bibliography lists 690 literature citations.

Well illustrated with 733 drawings and photographs, the 418-page hardbound volume is an extensive and thorough review of global fish harvest methods, and costs 27.60 [pounds].
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1988
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