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Fish's 3secs memory is codswallop; DISCOVERY.

THE notion that fish can remember for only three seconds has been exposed as a myth by research.

The creatures can recall predators for months and are capable of acts of deception and teamwork.

Dr Kevin Warburton, who has been studying fish for many years, called the three-second memory idea "absolute rubbish".

He said: "Carp caught by anglers will avoid hooks for at least a year.

"Fish can remember prey types for months. They can learn to avoid predators after being attacked.

"Some behavioural traits we think are very human, such as deception, fish have as well."

Dr Warburton, of Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, added: "Fish are quite sophisticated."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2010
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