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Fischer launches new French beer.

Fischer launches new French beer

France's Fischer Brewery and its American marketing arm, Fischer Beverages International, last week unveiled its newest product in the imported beer wars - 36//15 La Biere Amoureuse.

The new product is brewed under Alsace traditions, using malt, non-malted grains, hops and spring water. However, it also employs sixteen plants and herb extracts in the recipe, which include ginger, kola, myrtle, eleutherocoque, myrrh, cardamom, licorice, ginseng, and cinnamon. Additionally, due to the rather unpleasant taste this combination creates, the brew contains nearly four percent mango juice, giving it a somewhat fruity flavor.

Taken in a literal interpretation, this unusual brew's name means "the Aphrodisiac Beer," but the company's officials were quick to point out that this is not the case.

"36//15 is a delicious beer, not a drug nor a medicine and will not cure any trouble," explained Jacques Le Grip, president, Fischer Beverages. "We hope that 36//15 will open one's mind through its effect to a more exotic feeling, change one's mood, create between lovers a new attraction, enlighten this instant. A beer, yes. But not just a new beer, the ultimate intimate."

The number 36//15 became known to the French public about five years ago when the National Postal Services started distributing mini-computers to six million homes of telephone users. Originally aimed at doing away with printed phone books, the computers soon held a data-base network of 12,000 services. All of these services can be reached by dialing 36//15, the most popular of which is the hot or pink line, a sort of dating service.

Le Grip explained that 36//15 soon became synonomous with the dating service and Fischer wanted to establish a relationship with the pink lines and its beer. Additionally, the computer link-up was a symbol of the new world in France.

The product is packaged with a large twist-off "doomed" lid. The entire package is then shrink-rapped to ensure the bottle has not been tampered with. Instead of the usual six-pack carrier, 36//15 will be packed in three-packs and sell for about the same price as an imported six-pack, Le Grip concluded.

PHOTO : FRENCHED-KISSED - France's Fischer Brewery and its U.S. agent, Fischer Beverages Intl., last week introduced 36//15 La Biere Amoureuse. The beer, flavored with cinnamon, licorice and mango juice among other things, is being marketed as a beer to be shared among couples.
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Title Annotation:Fischer Brewery's 36//15 La Biere Amoureuse
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 22, 1990
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