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Firsthand knowledge.

Your article "The Kosovo Catastrophe" (April 19 issue) is the exemplar of knowledge, honesty and courage to tell the hidden truth. Being myself originally from this unfortunate country, I can confirm your writing as trustworthy: you did not exaggerate a bit.

The horrible situation for the Serbian people in the provinces of Kosovo and Metohia is the result of long-term anti-Serbian policies. Big powers used Albanians (Shqipetars) for their goals, and in history Albanians were always auxiliary troops of some empire. This began with the Ottoman Empire, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Then came Mussolini and Hitler's New World Orders, followed by the Tito-Stalin-Mao tse-Tung Komintern, and finally the EU-Clinton-Blair-etc. New World Order.

In all of these occasions, being protected by their sponsors, Shqipetars practiced genocide or ethnic cleansing of the original populations in their neighboring countries. For their goal is a Greater Albania. So, what is happening now is just one more step to that goal.

People have it wrong to believe that they are a poor nation. They became very rich by smuggling drugs (all kinds of narcotics), arms, women for prostitution, etc., and they are capable, with this money, to bribe any politician and other important people, to support their "cosa nostra."


Burbank, California
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Title Annotation:Letters To The Editor
Author:Hadzic, Gradimir
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:May 31, 2004
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