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First-ever eyelash transplant for treating Madarosis performed through microsurgery in the UK.

The first ever eyelash transplant allowing women and men to regain their eye lashes through a micro-surgical transplant has been conducted in the UK. The transplant was performed by Transform, the largest cosmetic surgery company in the country.

The groundbreaking transplant will allow people to don away with the need for false eyelashes, which has been the only permanent treatment of Madarosis--the medical term for eyelash loss.

The procedure takes approximately four hours and is done under local anesthetic. It begins by taking a hair graft from the back of the head, dissecting it under a microscope and placing it into tiny incisions in the eyelid, Transform said in a press release. The procedure is minimally invasive with only one session needed to produce natural visible results within 4-6 months post procedure.

Ideal candidates for the transplant are people suffering from alopecia, trichotillomania (self-inflicted obsessive plucking), or those who lost hair due to radiation or chemotherapy. However, the company stressed that treatment can also be used for cosmetic purposes to improve the fullness and length of the eyelashes which competes with the false eyelash market.

"Having suffered from trichotillomania for 17 years, I learned to accept that I'd never have real lashes again. That's quite a hard issue for a young girl to come to terms with," said 19-year-old Louise Thomas, the first recipient transplanted by Transform. "When I heard about this treatment it sounded too good to be true but the results are absolutely amazing. I feel so feminine again and the simple things like being able to wear mascara have made such a positive difference with my confidence."

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Publication:Transplant News
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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