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Notes on life by a Notebooker

Name: Flavia Bertolini About me: I own 99 dresses. I am obsessed with hip-hop and pencils (geek). I think I am well funny. Some days my hair is bigger than me.

'The other day, a medium told me she sensed 'that I shared her gift for predicting the future.

I tell you what, I did not see that coming...

She then went on to tell me I was a bit worried about money (who isn't?), I was thinking about doing up my house (everybody is thinking about doing up their house, it's cos Grand Designs is always on), I am very popular (who doesn't want to hear that?) and that I have a lovely boyfriend (he was waiting outside).

It made me think about psychics and mediums, and why we look to a mystical source or a higher power for answers to questions we have about life. Ironically, I couldn't come up with any answers.

Why don't we trust our own instincts, our own morals? Why must we rely on a a medium, or a religion, or a horoscope? (I ask a lot of questions because I am a Scorpio.) Why do we feel so lost, so little, so in need of guidance? Why do psychics for Why have we lost our nerve? For example, it's common for celebs to consult psychics before important decisions, but that's crazy. If you have made enough good decisions in your life to get you to a place where you can afford the big bucks for your own personal psychic, why don't you trust your own judgement any more? Me and my new third eye just can't work it out.

But in a strange way, psychics can help you decide what to do next. For example, if you loved your boyfriend, would you go to a psychic to find out if he's The One in the first place? The psychic would guess not, and tell you he isn't for you. By reaffirming what you already know, she gives you the guts to get out. It sort of makes sense.

I often get told I'm psychic, by the way.

But I guess what's going to happen next because I'm clever and I pay attention. Still, just in case I am psychic, please let me hone my skills. Send me any cake you have at home, so I can read its aura and tell you your future. I know you will.'

Why do we look to a psychics and mediums for answers?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 10, 2014
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