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First report of 24 fish from shrimp trawling, by-catch in the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Twenty four species of fish are reported for the first time from Colombian shrimp by-catch: Carcharhinidae (Carcharhinus obscurus Lesueur 1818), Triakidae (Mustelus canis Mitchill, 1815, 2900 mm l. tl.), Dasyatidae (Urolopus jamaiciensis Cuvier, 1817, 295 mm l. tl.), Muraenidae (Gymnothorax ocellatus Agassiz 1831, 356mm l. tl.), Ariidae (Arius grandiscasis Valenciennes, 1840, 255-300 mm l. tl.), Ophidiidae (Brotula barbata Schneider, 1801, 252 mm l. tl.; Lephophidium pheromystax Robins,1960, 205 mm l. tl.), Ogcocephalidae (Ogcocephalus radiatus Mitchill 1818, 125 mm l. tl.), Exocoetidae (Cypselurus melanurus Valenciennes, 1846, 119 mm l. tl.; Hemirhampus unifasciatus Ranzani, 100 mm l. tl.; Hirundichthys affinis Gunther 1866, 488, Belonidae (Strongylura notata Poey 1860, 339 mm l. tl.), Fistularidae (Fistularia tabacaria Linnaeus 1758, 255 l. tl.), Scorpaenidae (Scorpaena calcarata Goode & Bean 1882, 195 mm l. tl.), Triglidae (Prionotus evolans Linnaeus, 1758, 195 mm l. tl.; P. rubio Jordan 1886, 190-225 mm l. tl.), Carangidae (Oligoplites palometa Cuvier 1831, 225 mm; Seriola fasciata Bloch 1793, 235 mm l. tl.) Lutjanidae (Lutjanus bucanella Cuvier 1828, 230 mm l. tl.), Haemulidae (Haemulon macrostomun Gunther 1859, 170 mm l. tl.; H. parrai Desmarest 1823, mm l. tl.) Labridae (Halichoeres radiatus Linnaeus 1758, 194 mm l. tl.), and Bothidae (Ancyclopsetta quadriocellata Gill 1864, 235 mm l. tl.; Cyclopseta fimbriata Goode & Bean 1885, 205 mm l. tl.). They were associated to the shrimp trawling between 25 and 80 m deep off Guajira, Magdalena, Cordoba, Antioquia, and Choco Departments, Colombian Caribbean. The species were confirmed by the author of Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano (Sea Museum in Bogota), Faculty of Marine Biology (Cartagena de Indias) and, Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Punta Betin in Santa Marta (Colombia).

Ricardo Alvarez-Leon

Project Collection of Fish of Colombian Caribbean UBJTL / MM / VIKINGOS. P.O. Box 101372 Santa Fe de Bogota D.

C. --Colombia;

Received 31-I-2001. Accepted 27-III-2001.

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Author:Alvarez-Leon, Ricardo
Publication:Revista de Biologia Tropical
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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