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First record of free Africans in the trade.

THE collection holds the first evidence of free Africans employed as crew on these voyages.

In the wages book for the voyage of the ship Hawk are the records of free African men Cudjoe, Quashey, Liverpool and Joe Dick, part of the Fantye tribe, who were taken on board as crew at the African coast.

They then worked their passage back to Liverpool as sailors on the same pay as their white crew mates.

The reason for this was because disease and desertion meant that the crew was depleted by a third en route and local knowledge proved useful in navigating the African coast.

On the same journey was John Williams, a black boy, who joined at Liverpool with his master Captain Hall who then received his wages.


CREW: A wage slip for a free African
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 15, 2007
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