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First monograph on isomaltulose published.

BENEO-Institute is pleased to announce the publication of the first monograph on the functional carbohydrate, isomaltulose (brand name PalatinoseTM), in the Seventh Edition of Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). For more than a year, analytical and regulatory experts of the BENEO-Institute have contributed to the development of the monograph in close collaboration with FCC.

The BENEO-Institute has extensive knowledge of the characteristics of isomaltulose, the next generation carbohydrate. Showing its wide expertise on functional carbohydrates, BENEO was also partner to the FCC in 2008/9 in the development of the first monograph on isomalt, making it the ideal partner to the FCC for information related to the analysis and specification of isomaltulose.

The new FCC monograph will set a worldwide industry benchmark for this ingredient. Clients with products containing FCC-approved isomaltulose will benefit from the quality status it provides.

The FCC is a compendium of internationally recognized monograph standards and tests for the purity and identity of food ingredients. Published since 1966, the FCC promotes uniformity of quality and provides added safety assurance for food ingredients.

Isomaltulose from BENKO fully complies with the requirements of the new FCC monograph on isomaltulose and is available as "FCC grade" worldwide.

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Date:Aug 1, 2010
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