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First midrise made of shipping containers now set to rise in central New York town.

SG Blocks, Inc., a developer that specializes in code-engineered cargo shipping containers, is set to build the first re-purposed shipping container midrise building in Central NY.

The firm signed a contract with developers Christopher Geiger and Scott Smith for the development that will include covered parking, commercial space and 36 apartments on the upper four floors.

SG Blocks will provide engineering services, logistics and 115 modified containers to be erected and finished out on site by a local contractor.

"We believe this modern and expansive use of repurposed shipping containers as the core and shell for a mid-rise application will mark a pivotal moment in the construction industry," said Paul Galvin, CEO of SG Blocks.

"This is a significant deployment of our product as a mainstream building material which we're confident will bring widespread attention to the multitude of benefits our heavy gauge steel building system offers."

The City of Syracuse Planning Board approved the property at 712 East Fayette Street in Syracuse in November.

"The value proposition of flexibility plus time and cost savings combined with benefits of sustainability was what really sold us on the SG Blocks Building System," said Scott Smith.

"Our superstructure will be fully erected in about ten days, saving on labor and reducing debt service expense."

"An added benefit for our neighbors will be significantly minimized disruption versus traditional new builds, something the community has expressed widespread enthusiasm about," said Christopher Geiger.

"We intend to have this be our first of many SG Blocks built midrises. This is the beginning of a construction paradigm change and we know the model is a winner."

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Comment:First midrise made of shipping containers now set to rise in central New York town.
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Jan 29, 2014
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