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First married couple beatified. (Vatican).

Rome--October 21,2001, Pope John Paul declared as "blessed" a married couple, Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi of Rome. The Pope called their lives "a model of Christian spirituality, lived heroically through marriage and family."

Luigi Quattrocchi was an attorney and his wife a writer and educator. (Both were born in the 1880's; he died in 1951 and his wife in. 1965). They had four children, of whom three are still alive. Their two sons, who both entered the priesthood, concelebrated the beatification Mass with the Pope.

Also attending the ceremony was their daughter, Enrichetta, born in 1914 after Maria Quattrocchi refused an abortion. Doctors had warned her that her life would be endangered if she continued with the pregnancy. Enrichetta's sister, a nun, died several years ago.

Although many married persons have been previously beatified, this is the first instance of a husband and wife attaining the ranks of the blessed simultaneously. Others may now follow.

In early November, Archbishop Luigi Bommarito of Catania, Sicily, declared Marcello and Anna Maria Inguscio 'servants of God,' thus opening up their beatification process. The Inguscios established the Casa-Familia Puebla in Catania where handicapped people live in a family atmosphere.
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