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First coronavirus case detected in Sri Lanka.

A Chinese national, in her early 40's who recently arrived in Sri Lanka from the Hubei Province has tested positive for the new coronavirus, the Health Promotion Bureau said.

This is the first case to be detected in the island country.

The patient has been admitted to the National Infectious Disease Hospital and is being treated by a specialized medical team.

Health Ministry sources said the Chinese national was being treated by a specialized team and she was recovering. Her blood samples are likely to be sent overseas for further testing.

The female, arrived in the country as a tourist on Jan.19 and was returning back to the airport on Jan.25, after concluding her tour, when she was suffering from a fever. She had sought medical treatment, and was immediately transferred to the National Infectious Disease Hospital.

The Health Ministry has requested people not to panic and said doctors in the country were capable of treating the virus. However the Health Ministry said several preventive measures had been implemented to prevent the virus from spreading.

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Date:Jan 28, 2020
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