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First Wireless LAN Solution For Mixed PC And Macintosh Environments Now Available From Digital Ocean, Digital Equipment Corporation And Lucent Technologies.

LENEXA, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 21, 1996--Three key players in the wireless LAN industry -- Digital Ocean Incorporated, Digital Equipment Corporation and Lucent Technologies -- have joined forces to provide the first wireless LAN solution that embraces both Apple and PC platforms.

With this solution, organizations with mixed platform environments can now use a single wireless access point to support both Intel-based and Macintosh-based wireless devices.

The solution revolves around the new ability of two Digital Ocean station products for the Apple platform to interoperate with Digital's RoamAbout and Lucent's WaveLAN wireless system for the PC environment. The Digital Ocean remote products are the Manta series ($799) providing AAUI or 10BaseT connection to any Macintosh, and the Grouper series ($749), supporting LocalTalk connections for any legacy Macintosh or Newton MessagePad. Both products, initially offered in 915 MHz, provide wireless Ethernet connectivity to wired infrastructures through RoamAbout and WavePOINT Access Points. This makes it possible for Macintosh machines using either LocalTalk or EtherTalk to join PC-based machines in a wireless LAN that reaches across the enterprise.

"This set of products serve an important need to organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, which has a large installed base of Macintosh PowerBooks and is in the process of setting up a very large wireless infrastructure on its campus," said Alex Hills, Vice Provost & Chief Information Officer at Carnegie Mellon University.

"WaveLAN and RoamAbout have the vast share of the wireless LAN market in the PC world, and this solution enables shops that already have or wish to install Lucent's or Digital's products to bring their Macintosh users on board," said Digital Ocean President Jeff Alholm. "It represents the first time that wireless LANs can be implemented across both platforms."

Digital Equipment's RoamAbout Access Point offers key bridging features such as protocol-independent bridging, address and protocol filtering and downline load capabilities. It is part of a fully manageable and scalable product set that can be used as either a standalone device or installed in Digital's MultiStack System, DEChub 900 MultiSwitch or DEChub 90.

A complementary RoamAbout wireless LAN adapter line includes both PC Cards and ISA Adapters that use both the 915 MHZ and 2.4 GHz frequency bands and supports both frequency hopping and direct sequence wireless technologies. This gives customers the freedom to choose the wireless technology that best suits their mobility and application needs.

Available in both 915 MHZ and 2.4 GHz versions, the WaveLAN product line includes the WaveLAN/PCMCIA card for notebook and portable computers, WaveLAN/AT card for desktop computers, WavePOINT access point, WaveAROUND roaming software, WaveMONITOR site installation/survey program and WaveMODEM wireless modem for OEM products.

One of the key components of the WaveLAN product family, WavePOINT is a small, compact unit that enables Wave LAN and Digital Ocean stations to access devices on wired networks. WavePOINT can be easily installed on a desktop, ceiling, wall or in a wiring closet with the antenna outside. Features include integrated roaming, SNMP management, optional security, multicast delay, site survey tools and network administrator utility software with radio path diagnostics.

Digital Ocean's Manta and Grouper remote stations are part of a complete product line that provides wireless support for Macintosh and Newton MessagePad environments through the company's Starfish II Ethernet Access Point. Starfish II offers an optional external antenna that can boost range to up to three miles. Manta and Grouper can be configured to interoperate with Lucent's WavePOINT and Digital's RoamAbout access points.

Digital Ocean's wireless LAN family includes a fully-supported MicroCellular roaming function, radio diagnostic function, radio diagnostic and site survey software, network administrator's software and optional security features. Digital Ocean also produces a family of ruggedized hand-held computers, based on the Newton platform, that offers a variety of communication options for in-building and remote applications.

For more information, call Angela Champness at Lucent Technologies at 011/31-3060-97-622, Donna Wozrucki at Digital Equipment Corporation at 508/486-5085 or Dale Urie at Digital Ocean at 800/345-3474. -0-

Note to Editors: Apple, Macintosh, Newton and MessagePad are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Digital, the DIGITAL logo, Alpha, Digital RoamAbout and DEChub are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. Digital Ocean, Starfish, Grouper, Manta and OceanTalk are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digital Ocean, Inc. WavePOINT and WaveLAN are registered trademarks of Lucent Technologies.

CONTACT: Digital Ocean

Maurissa Frost, 847/291-1616


Digital Equipment Corporation

Linda Pugliano, 508/486-6617


Lucent Technologies

Barbara Burgess, 201/606-2473
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 21, 1996
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